{Sweet San Francisco} Baker + Banker: Dessert All Day Long

baker banker

For those of you waiting for a recipe post, don’t worry – I have one coming up on Monday!

There’s no lack of fantastic restaurants and bakeries in San Francisco, but Baker + Banker stands out as a fantastic restaurant and bakery. Run by husband and wife team Jeff Banker and Lori Baker, Jeff handles the savory side while Lori oversees the pastry.  Although I’d enjoyed a fabulous meal at the restaurant a couple years back, the bakery was closed so I didn’t get a chance to sample the baked goods. (The bakery opens in the morning and closes at 5, shortly before the restaurant side opens for dinner service.) I finally got the chance a few weeks ago to stop by and try some of their updates on classic American bakery treats. Below, some of my favorites:

morning bun

Morning buns are de rigeur at any self-respecting bakery. Baker + Banker’s is a pretty spiral of flaky cinnamon-sugar happiness. This and Lori’s signature brown butter chocolate chip cookie were probably my favorite items from the bakery.

savory tart

They also do lovely savory tarts, like this asparagus and cheese one in a flaky crust.

seeded bread

I’m impressed with all that comes out of the modest kitchen: the same space is used for both bakery and restaurant production, and quarters are tight, so the bakers have to be efficient, and creative. I (and the husband) loved this gorgeous, super flavorful seeded sourdough – perfect for afternoon snacking.

sticky bun

Baker + Banker also does an impressive sticky bun, appropriately gooey and caramelly and quite hefty to boot. It took my husband a couple days to finish this off!

strawberry crumbles

Ironically, I didn’t get to have dessert in the restaurant this time around – but I did see this tray of summer strawberry crumbles, ready and waiting for dinnertime.

XXX cake
photo courtesy of Banker+Banker

Also, here’s a photo of their signature XXX cake – three layers of flourless chocolate cake, chocolate cheesecake, and devil’s food cake. The good thing is that it’s also available in the bakery, so you never have to miss out.

Final bit of business: thanks to all who entered the Mighty Leaf Tea giveaway. The winner by random draw is:

Picture 2

Reader 23, Alina! Congrats!

Have a sweet weekend!

baker banker display


  1. 1


    That XXX cake is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, it must be so rich but I do LOVE chocolate! I went on the website and I want to fly over to san fran right now. I saw fluffernutter cake and cupcakes on their menu, that certainly sounds exciting!
    from Emily x

  2. 3

    sudhakar says

    The XXX looks amazing. I bet it tastes incredible mixed in one spoonful or I hope it does.

    • 4

      Anita says

      I didn’t have a chance to try it but it certainly looked amazing, and it’s gotten good reviews!

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