Macaron Mania in 805 Living


It's been a busy week for me, and unfortunately not in the kitchen. I don't have a new recipe to share this week (although the near-bushelful of cherries I got at the market today might provide a hint as to what's in store), but I'd like to share something else!

A couple months ago, I was contacted by 805 Living Magazine and asked if I'd like to share some tips on macaron-making. I love that the macaron craze continues unabated in the food blogging community, especially in the US (yes, Veron, I'm looking at you!!). It gives me hope that M. Hermé might finally get an outpost opened here someday! And, a chance to differentiate between macarons and macaroons – in print! I know there are ardent devotees of both kinds of these two cookies that have caused so much gastro-linguistic confusion, so I was glad to be able to discuss both!

I hope you enjoy these scans of the article from the May issue. Continue on with the macaron/macaroon merriment!!





Article posted with kind permission from 805 Living Magazine.


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    Jen Yu says

    How awesome! Congrats on the article :) And thank you for making the linguistic distinction because that makes me nuts (macarons are more finicky than macaroons). I’m going to download it and store it alongside my pdf with Tartelette’s tips! xxoo

  2. 9

    Christine says

    We’re lucky to have Paulette’s here in the city. My feet walking to that store is one of my best macaron “tools”. Incase I decide to make them myself, thanks for the tips!

  3. 11

    Veron says

    Congratulations on the article, Anita…, fabulous job! And yes, I am still addicted to making and eating them. :)

  4. 14


    Excellent Anita!
    I am beginning to think I will HAVE to make these devils sooner or later (preferably later when the freezer is empty of Parisien samples)
    I’ve noticed that the French translate macaron into macarOOn in books etc.
    I don’t see P.Herme coming here-the altitude could be wrong. Though it must be correct in Japan which has far more mac places than Paris I bet…
    I’ve yet to find one in NYC that is right :(
    I would love to taste your macarons.

  5. 15


    What a fabulous article! Good for you, and yes I am one of those that can’t every get enough of Macarons….

  6. 17

    Claire says

    It’s a shame that only Parisian macarons seem to be known in America. Calling them French macarons is a little misleading because many regions have their own kind of macaron, and the sandwiched together kind is just one!

  7. 18


    Your recipe for the macarons is great! I like that it’s gluten-free. :) Regarding the aged egg whites and leaving them out overnight, there isn’t any risk of food poisoning or other food-related illness, etc.? Thanks.

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