A Little Sweet Talk?


What would the art of baking be without sugar? Yes, I know there are many other sweeteners and substitutes for sugar, but to me my kitchen isn’t complete with several bars of butter, a container of eggs, and a carton of cream in the refrigerator, bags of chocolate disks waiting to be melted, and canisters of white and brown sugar, the crystals sparkling in the sun.

So imagine my pleasure when I got a call from the company that’s practically synonymous with sugar, C&H, asking if I’d like to be interviewed for their online newsletter. An article on some of the sweetest blogs around? My blog being considered for inclusion? Yes, please, with sugar on top!

C&H’s summer newsletter, SweetTalk, just came out today, with the article on baking blogs headlining. Besides Dessert First, it was a thrill to see some of the friends I’ve made online – Monica of Pastry Princess, Ashley of Artisan Sweets, and Ari of Baking and Books, also profiled! There are several other blogs mentioned as well, so be sure to take a look – you may discover another sweet site or two to add to your list. All of us interviewed for SweetTalk also contributed a favorite recipe or two, so you’ll have more than enough baking inspiration for the weekend!

Speaking of weekend activities, I actually need to go stock up on more sugar – how ironic is that?


  1. 1

    Maria says

    Congratulations! I am glad they picked you for the article, you are certainly the sugar expert!! Thanks for letting us know, it is a great article!!

  2. 6

    Jasmine says

    Hi Anita! I’m from the Bay Area too and I found your blog through Jennifer’s post at Bake or Break. I recently got into reading baking/food blogs and I’ve been slowly stumbling around the kitchen to try and make some of the recipes that look good (usually ingredients permitting). =) It’s quite satisfying and stress-relieving to be baking or cooking, I’ve discovered. I just subscribed to your blog and I was having a lot of fun reading past entries. I noticed that you mention pastry school a lot and that you’ve been to Paris. Did you go to pastry school in Paris? I’m asking because I’m thinking about taking cooking/baking classes next summer or sometime after I graduate but I’m not sure where to begin looking for those kinds of classes! Could you tell me a bit more about your experiences with it if you have some time? I’d be delighted to hear about them! Please e-mail me. Thanks! =)


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