{Giveaway} Top Chef Just Desserts Season 2 This Week

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kitchenaid mixer


I always forget about the television during summer, so the start of fall programming usually catches me by surprise. Luckily, I got notification about one show I don’t want to miss: the second season of Top Chef Just Desserts is premiering this Wednesday, August 24, on Bravo.

The first season was…exciting, to say the least. The drama got a little over the top, but I was impressed by some of the desserts that some contestants were able to put together under some pretty trying circumstances. I’m looking forward to seeing what refinements the second season will bring, as well as seeing Chefs Johnny Iuzzini and Hubert Keller (le sigh) again.

To get a gander at the contestants for this season, go here.  You can also enjoy these recipes from the Yigit Pura, the winner of Season 1:

Peanut Butter and S’mores Cookie Dough Sundae

Strawberry Sorbet and Lemongrass Ginger Ice Cream

Now the best part- to celebrate the premiere I’m giving away the 5-quart Artisan stand mixer shown at the top of the post, along with this cupcake decorating kit:

cupcake kit

These prizes were generously donated by Bravo and I’m happy to pass them on to one lucky reader!

To enter: Leave a comment below with your favorite Top Chef contestant (either from Just Desserts or the original series). I’m going to cheat a little and say I’m partial to the very talented Voltaggio brothers, who came out on top of what I thought was the best season of Top Chef so far (by the way, they have a cookbook coming out this fall, if you haven’t heard!)

This contest will run through Thursday, August 25, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday, August 26. Good luck – and don’t forget Top Chef Just Desserts on Wednesday, August 24!


This prize was provided by the BRAVO Network but BRAVO is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of BRAVO.


  1. 1

    Minxi says

    Although my fave season was also Season 6, my favorite chef is still Hung from Season 3. His, erm, unique personality and of course amazing talent made the show incredibly entertaining!

  2. 2


    Not too sure if this competition is open to non-US residents or not but anyway, fav contestant was Zac fr Just Desserts 1 !! What is reality tv show without some drama and fun! hahhaa

  3. 3

    Talia says

    My fave for Top Chef Just Desserts was Morgan, but in Top Chef my fave is Richard Blaise

  4. 4

    Maribel S says

    I love Top Chef Just Desserts. My favorite contestant was actually Yigit Pura. He never really went to a culinary school he learned everything by just doing it, hands-on training. That’s kind of like me. I admire him

  5. 6


    I have to say the Voltaggio brothers are my favorites as well! 😉 Can’t wait to watch season 2! Good thing we don’t have to wait that much longer. hehehe…

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. I want to win this gorgeous stand mixer so much, for my Mom. She loves to bake and currently using a very old hand held mixer. I think she really deserves a lovely stand mixer like this one. :) Thanks for a chance to win.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  6. 7

    Po Yee says

    Yigit Pura is my favorite. Gotta love those gorgeous desserts. I truly look forward to watching season 2 this Wednesday.

  7. 8

    GayeN says

    Season 6 and 8 are my favorites. I also love the Voltaggio brothers but Bryan edges out Michael just a bit in my opinion. :)

  8. 9


    Did you see Rebecca Masson has a cast on her arm?! I can’t imagine baking with that thing constricting my wrist! I am rooting for her! (That could change after Wednesday!!) Can’t wait!

  9. 10

    Elizabeth says

    I watched the Top Chef Just Desserts season 1 and from the start I supported the chef who came out on top- Yigit Pura. I guess I really enjoyed his style of cooking and the fact that he was a super clean pastry chef! While I am classically trained, I believe Yigit was trained in the kitchen all his life with no classic in-school training. And yes, those Voltaggio brothers from Top Chef were fun to watch also!! Thanks for the info about their upcoming book. I hadn’t heard about it…!

  10. 11


    I am definitely rooting for Vanarian Kuch. I like what he said as his on hand ingredients – gotta love smoked salts and seasonal fruits! I am all about that kind of simplicity.

  11. 13

    Lindsay Jenkins says

    I have to say, my favorite Top Chef: Just Desserts chef was Zac Young. He had some spunk…
    From Top Chef, my favorite chef was Ilan Hall… :)

  12. 14


    Jen caroll! I loved that she could keep up with those volatagio brothers. I wanted to see so much more of her in all stars!!!

  13. 15


    Matthew will be an amazing on this upcoming season of TCJD2. I saw his tasting menu when he was getting his current position and I was impressed. He will be the clear front runner

  14. 16

    Nicole says

    Hello there! I’ve had a subscription to your blog for awhile!

    From season 1 of top chef, just desserts I would say my favorites (not food, personality and vibe) were: Zac & Yigit.

    From Top Chef in general? Hands down: Fabio and Carla! I know, I know! They are everyone’s favorites but I’ve liked them since their first seasons

    ngallo58 at gmail dot com

  15. 18

    Amber says

    From the first season of Just Desserts, my favorite was Amanda Rockman!

  16. 21

    Pia says

    Loved Kevin Gillespie!! Awesome cooking skills. Hope to go to Atlanta one day to try out his food!!

  17. 22

    Ladywild says

    Hung Huynh! He made me crazy, but my husband and I loved laughing when he messed up. So arrogant!

  18. 23

    Christa says

    I really liked Jamie Lauren and Stephen Icant rememberhislastname 😉

  19. 24

    Debbie says

    My favorite is Richard Blaise. I’m from Atlanta, so I was rooting for him. I hope I win – I love to bake.

  20. 27


    I have to admit (being in the UK) ive never seen this programme but i had a look at the bios of some of the contestants and im going to go for Amanda Rockman because she just looks and sounds really nice! Her favourite pud also gets a big thumbs up from me although i wouldnt exactly class it as simple! Lovely giveaway :)

  21. 28

    Erica says

    I totally agree, Season 6 was definitely the best Top Chef to date. My favorite would have to be Kevin Gillespie from that same season. Everything he made just looked so delicious even it was something I’d never heard of. Very talented!

  22. 30

    Meghann P. says

    I agree, the Voltaggio brothers were great, the best, but I really liked watching Angelo Sosa work. I had a hard time liking him at first, but the more I watched, the more he grew on me. And his skill and the food he turned out each week was impressive.

  23. 32

    Michelle Schreier says

    My favorite contestant for this season (I guess my pick to win then based on bios and tasting alone ::) would be Amanda Rockman. She is a Texan like me and works in my favorite city!

  24. 36

    Rosalee Lugo says

    By the way, I would love to win this. I’m currently on bed rest, and being induced this Friday to give birth to my baby girl, on the 26th :) Cupcakes are my “thing”, love them. I don’t think I would have made it so nicely through my pregnancy, without baking dozens upon dozens to give away :)

  25. 37

    Judi says

    I can never remember any of their names (forgetful, I guess!) But I enjoy the show whenever I can.

  26. 38

    Pat R says

    Being from Maryland, and more to the point, frequenting the Frederick area, my top choice would be the Voltaggio brothers also. Gotta support the locals!!!

  27. 39


    Can I be 100 percent honest and say I’ve never watched the show? I don’t even know if I have Bravo! That’s terrible, I let my husband control the TV. But a dessert competition show sounds heavenly.

  28. 40


    Well…i didn’t even know this show existed!! But since i love desserts…i can’t wait to see it :)

  29. 41

    ann bridges says

    Voltaggio Brothers. Talented. Inovative…
    and have spawned an idea or two for myself…which I suppose is part of the “art” of pastry..
    being inspired..then create.

  30. 42

    Brad D says

    Richard Blais, thoguh I liked him for some reason more in All Stars than the regular season

  31. 44

    Sarah says

    I love TC, TC: Just Desserts, and TC: Masters! It’s really hard to pick a fave though :( My hubby’s favorite is Richard.

  32. 45

    Asma says

    I never got into watching the original Top Chef show but every since they started the Top Chef Just Dessert, I am totally hooked! My all time favorite is Yigit Pura. I love his personality and his passion for desserts. With no formal pastry education I admire Yigit’s perseverance and am amazed by his creativity. Really looking forward to his new restaurant in San Francisco and his up coming cookbook. Oh and he is such a cutie too!

  33. 48

    Diane Rubin says

    I actually liked Morgan, I thought he had a dry humor and it was funny to watch him trying to deal with all of those other personalities. Thanks for letting me know about the show, I hadn’t heard it was starting up so soon!

  34. 49

    Rory W says

    My favorite from Just Desserts was probably Zac Young, because he was just so entertaining! Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. 50

    Carissa says

    There are too many people to choose from! I was a huge fan of Bryan V. (Season 6), but also of Kevin (Season 6) as well. So, probably one of them! I was surprised when they brought Tiffani (from Season 1) back, and how completely different she seemed. At first I secretly found myself booing because I couldn’t stand her attitude on Season 1, but was pleasantly surprised at the different attitude she had the second go around.

    I haven’t seen Top Chef Desserts but am excited to catch the Season 2 premiere!

    I just started following your blog (maybe about a month ago) and I just LOVE it! Your post on whether or not to go to pastry school was extremely helpful, so thanks :)

  36. 53

    Ricky says

    I love Yigit Pura! how he carried himself and his style and aesthetics of dessert is quite amazing

  37. 56


    I would first like to announce that Friday, August 26th is my birthday. It would be wonderful to win these AMAZING gifts. :)

    I haven’t watched this show as my head has been buried in finishing my masters degree. All done as of August! Yay!

    So, with that said, in reviewing all the talents on the upcoming season, I am going to give my vote to Rebecca Masson. I like that she integrates the delicacy of French baking with her childhood roots and memories. The best baked goods are one that can elicit memories with each bite! I also like that she is from Laramie, WY. My husband just interviewed for a job there, so we will be watching and rooting for the Laramie girl!

  38. 58

    Lauren says

    Richard Blaise takes top honors for me. But I was happy that Yigit won the last Top Chef Just Desserts, and I’m counting down the days until the new season!

  39. 59

    Louise says

    My favorite Top Chef is Candice Kumai from Season 1. She was still a culinary student when she was on the show but her new book, Pretty Delicious, is absolutely fantastic =)

  40. 61

    Camelia Munoz says

    Heather Hurlbert!

    I saw a few episodes since I rarely watch tv due to being super busy, however, I am going to begin watching the show religiously. I love the advice and different methods people use.

    Thank you for this opportunity. I had actually just began to think of investing in one of these (the artisan mixer) :-) I bake too much to not splurge in one, it’s a great investment. It would be wonderful to win it though!

    I love your blog, and am itching to make the pear soufflé.

  41. 62

    Carol says

    Chef Michael Voltaggio. I am anxious for the brothers’ cookbook to be released.

  42. 64

    Rosie says

    I have to say that I found myself rooting for both Flavio and Carla who were on together on the show the same season. If I had to rank them in preference, Flavio would be just a miniscule ahead. Thanks for giving fans the opportunity to “vote” even with a prize as an incentive.

  43. 65

    Janyce says

    I’d have to say Richard Blais is my favorite from Top Chef Season 4! I love his quirkiness and awesome chemistry type dishes! :)

  44. 67


    I don’t have a TV, and have actually never heard of this show. (I’m a social outcast) But it sounds interesting and I’ll have to watch it on netflix and then let you know later :)

  45. 72


    I loved season 1 of top chef just desserts. My favs from season 1 were Yigit and Heather H. The bios of Amanda and Sally look good!

  46. 73


    While I can see the love for the Volt bros, I have to say I’ve always connected with Richard’s eclectic personality and geeky love of food.

  47. 76

    Veronica Martinez says

    I love Top Chef! I would have to say I have a few favorites, based more on their charactor: Tiffany Derry, Carla Hall, Mike Isabella, Richard Blais and of course Fabio Viviani sighhh :)

  48. 78


    Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to watch Top Chef! I am planning on doing so this year, though. The contestant I like the most for this year’s lineup (going strictly from bios) is Craig. His story is inspiring to someone like me and his tastes seem classic.

  49. 79

    Jen says

    I’d have to say my favorite contestant from Just Desserts season 1 was Yigit Pura from the very beginning. Such creative, beautiful desserts! Can’t wait for the second season!

  50. 80


    Hands down, I like Amanda Rockman! But I love the Voltaggio Brothers! Cant’t wait to see their BBQ ventures with William Sonoma! However, I can see Yigit Pura going to the top! Thank you for an opportunity to win Kithenaid Mixer. I don’t have one but would like one to continue my venture in baking. Hope to be in Top Chef myself one day! Why not? Lol!

  51. 82


    Yigit Pura is my absolute favorite contestant. Not only was he able to produce some aesthetically pleasing desserts, but he did so in a great professional manner. Truly an inspiration to me! Carla Hall is a close second. Who can resist her infectious personality and the love that she infuses into her creations!

  52. 84


    Oh I love the show! My favourite was Yigit in Season 1 and I was so glad he won! The minty green KA is stunning! would look just lovely in my green and yellow kitchen!

  53. 85

    Dorothea says

    Oh my gosh! An awesome giveaway and the Voltaggio brothers have a new cookbook coming out too – they’re my favorites!

  54. 86

    Analog Girl says

    From past seasons, most definitely Carla! and now Houston’s own Rebecca Masson for sure :)

  55. 87

    Jessi B says

    Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVED Yigit Pura and was SO excited when he won Top chef: Just Desserts!

    I’ve never seen the mint green mixer before – it’s so lovely!

  56. 91


    I love Top Chef and TC Desserts. Thank goodness the space satellite our community uses catches the shows! I love the down-to-earthiness of Carla. Loved Sam, but I must admit the Voltaggios are at the top of my list. Yigit Pura was my fave from the 1st season of Desserts: little bit of drama, lots of sensitivity, and gorgeous desserts. Woo hoo for the give away!

  57. 92

    Annie says

    My favorite still has to be Dale…who dares to risk and try new things. His attitude might not be loved by everyone, but you can totally tell that he put in every ounces of himself into each dish.

  58. 93

    Mary M. says

    This post is actually my first introduction to Just Desserts. I’ve watched a few episodes of the first season and I think Yigit Pura is my favorite so far.

  59. 95

    Ali says

    The Voltaggio brothers were really awesome (and attractive) but hands down Fabio is my favorite!!

  60. 96

    Stephanie says

    I love Top Chef… it’s a great show. My favorite chef is Richard Blais, followed by the Voltaggio brothers!

  61. 97

    Elisa says

    Richard Blaise! And I was so happy to see him finally get to win during the Top Chef All Stars.


  62. 98

    Lindsay says

    Gotta go with Harold, the original winner. I thought he seemed so sweet and down to earth

  63. 101

    suzie says

    chris hanmer seems like a great guy with a real passion for what he does! my vote is with him!!

  64. 102

    Kristy says

    I’ve got to say that Sam Talbot from season 2 of Top Chef was my favorite.

  65. 104

    Lauren says

    Yigit Pura, for sure! Heard he has a book deal; can’t wait . . . LOVE your site, by the way – from a long time lurker.

  66. 109

    Megan says

    As much as I hated his attitude, I have to admit I loved the work of Morgan Wilson. It was always creative and beautiful. Can’t wait for the new season to start on Wednesday!

  67. 110

    ladylazarus76 says

    I love Fabio as well, partially because he got my husband watching the show. There was a bit of a man-crush situation going on there…

  68. 112


    It’s tough to pick a favorite, but of the Just Desserts season one, my favorite was definitely Zac Young. He was hilarious.

  69. 115

    Elena says

    My Top Chef favorite was Michael Voltagio! He always took every challenge to the next level and managed to make really interesting and delicious looking food.

  70. 120

    Kirsten says

    How can I choose? I admired Michael Voltaggio, sympathized with Richard Blaise, and want to hang out with Carla. For Just Desserts, I picked Yigit early on and he didn’t disappoint!

    (Please let my number come up for the mixer…my little old hand one died and now I have nothing…)

  71. 122


    Last season I really loved Morgan. His desserts were always very clean and flavor driven…just my style! Also, Hubert Keller will always get my vote (swoon)!

  72. 128

    Davis says

    Love Top Chef and Top Chef Desserts. Favorite Top Chef was last season’s winner Richard…class act. Voltaggio Bro’s were great but way too intense for me.

  73. 132

    Julien says

    I never tuned in more religiously than to make sure I avoided missing Yigit (Top Chef: Just Desserts). He is amazingly talented, and he stirred up a love of pastry and baking I never knew I had. About three weeks in, this 23 year old college boy was at Sur la Table buying a rolling pin, cookie cutters, baking sheets and a banging apron. Since then, this house hasn’t been short of flour, eggs, sugar, chocolate chips and baking powder.

    The Voltaggios were, of course, talented, but I’ve always had a sweet tooth. Heck, that’s why I check your blog every day.

  74. 134

    Kris K. says

    Looking forward to TC Just Desserts 2. I liked Erik in Season 1 but Seth scared me. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize!

  75. 135

    Anthony Chan says

    Oh, the Voltaggio brothers are my favorites too. So talented.

    This is such a wonderful giveaway and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 😉

  76. 137

    Traci P. says

    I’ve never watched Top Chef until they started the Just Desserts season…I loved Zac Young!

  77. 138

    Christine T says

    Voltaggio Brothers the Best ! They are my favourite.

    Thank you for the giveaway

  78. 139

    Niki Lee says

    This contest ends on my birthday and am crossing my fingers that I might be win the Kitchen Aid mixer. Would definitely be the best birthday ever!

    I have never watched Top Chef but knowing that they have a Just desserts one. I can’t wait to watch :]

  79. 141

    Christina says

    The very talented Voltaggio Brothers are my favorite too.
    Thanks for this generous giveaway. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  80. 143

    Jessica says

    Richard Blaise, Hung, and Marcel were awesome, in different ways. I’m not caught up on Top Chef Desserts, but I need to fix that soon!

  81. 144

    Natalie Walker says

    Although somewhat off the beaten path, I enjoyed watching Mary Sue Milliken from Top Chef Masters. I am excited about the upcoming Top Chef Just Desserts season though. Can’t get enough of it!

  82. 145


    I have watched all of the Top Chef programs obsessively!! My all time favorite has got to be Carla Hall. Being from Louisiana, I relate most to her culinary style. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  83. 146

    Jennifer P says

    My favorite Top Chef is Bryan Voltaggio. He’s a fellow Marylander and his Frederick restaurant, Volt, is amazing.

  84. 147

    Am says

    I can’t really pick a favorite, but I really liked Carla. She was sorta crazy and my family secretly believed that she looked like some sort of bird. She tended to be easily pleased and she brought a lot of personality along with some fabulous dishes.

  85. 148

    Matt S says

    I loved Kenny Gilbert from season 7. I think he was one of the strongest chefs and left too early for a bad decision.

  86. 150

    Intisar says

    My favorites were Richard, Trey and Tiffany. I was so happy when Richard won Top Chef All-Stars, though Mikey really brought it that season!

  87. 151

    Kate says

    I love Top Chef Just Desserts! My favorite contestant is Yigit Pura. Probably because I can relate to him :) Like Yigit, I have no culinary schooling.

  88. 155

    Dede Lin says

    Hand down I’d have to say Melissa Camacho
    I love everything about her.

  89. 156

    Marnie says

    I’ve never heard of the show. But, it sounds great! I’ll have to check out the new season.

  90. 157

    Wynn says

    I’m biased towards Richard and Kevin because I’m from Atlanta, but I think Carla is my all time favorite.

  91. 159

    Shelley says

    Carla Hall was definitely my favorite. She cracks me up and seems genuinely nice!

  92. 161

    Sara says

    For Top Chef Just Desserts, Yigit Puro was my favourite, for personality and for talent. For Top Chef, Carla Hall was great. Wonderful personality, really passionate and a creative chef.

  93. 162

    C.Tong says

    I love the Voltaggio brothers the best!
    Thanks for this lovely giveaway, really love this prize, wish I could win!

  94. 163

    Diane M. says

    My favorite chef of all time is Richard Blaise, Top Chef; what a talented, classy guy. I’m so glad Top Chef Desserts starts tomorrow!

  95. 165


    I actually don’t have a favorite from the show. I would watch an episode here & there, but never watched the entire season. Btw, I love love love your site & all your recipes & tips. :)

  96. 166

    Ceren Bacinoglu says

    My favorite is Yigit Pura as he is from Ankara, Turkey where I am from;))) My grandfather started just like Yigit and he owned and operated a bakery till he passed away. I hope I have his skills too!!!

  97. 169

    Alice Z. says

    Yigit Pura–he’s so talented and his desserts are so beautiful even if he never went to culinary school!

  98. 170

    Katie says

    I loved Carla on Top Chef. From Top Chef Just Desserts I loved the beautiful creations Danielle made!

  99. 171

    Dianna says

    I have to agree with you. The Voltaggio brothers are so very talented!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway. I’ll cross my fingers that I win this one. My arm could really use a break when it comes to my baking…

  100. 172

    Hong says

    My favorite contestant is Kevin Gillespie from Season 6 of Top Chef. So talented and humble.

  101. 180

    Sweetie Sue says

    Voltagio season was definitely the best season. Hung definitely the best chef. Tom definitely the best judge. Fabio definitely the most charming.

    I am on the fence about desserts 2 – the first season was SO much drama it overshadowed the food. Although, every time I see red hots, I do want to drop to the floor and rock back and forth, crying for my mommy.

  102. 181

    JehanP says

    My favorite has to be the Chef from New Orleans who has appeared in many Top Chefs, Chef Carla.

  103. 183

    Marilyn Robson says

    I really thought Zac was outstanding and from the Top Chef the Voltaggio brothers and Richard Blaise were great.

  104. 184

    Mandy M. says

    My favorite cheftestant has to be CARLA HALL. I just love her!! She was so passionate about what she does and so excited when you won challenges!!

  105. 185


    Darn, that show used to run on a channel that I couldn’t receive where I lived. :( But those Voltaggio brothers look cute, I’m sad I missed them!

  106. 186

    Ashley Morgan says

    I love Orlando Santos’ bio – while we still don’t know too much about him, his background (including that he went to pastry school here in Miami!) sounds so interesting. I can’t wait to see what he has in store with those caribbean vibes going on!

  107. 187

    Laura says

    My favorite is Carla (or as my sister and I fondly call her, “Bird Lady”-because she’s tall and slender, with a long neck, and she always reminds me of a bird). She’s so full of love, and she’s got such a good heart. She’s funny, and she never let the other contestants get her down. And, of course, she’s so talented! She could make great savory food, and fantastic desserts, which so many other chefs are not good at. She’s best all around! Hootie-hoo!

  108. 188


    I’d have to say my favorite contestant was Carla.
    She was such a sweet woman and her favorite ingredient was the most important of all-Love!

  109. 189

    Chris Chan says

    Yigit Pura is my fav. Would love to win this giveaway for my wife. Thank you.

  110. 190

    Shunti says

    For some reason I am partial to Melissa Camacho on Just Desserts. She just makes me laugh.

  111. 193

    Gen says

    From just desserts my favorite would have to be Zac Young, LOVED all the disco dust!

  112. 194


    My favorite chef was Fabio. He has a restaurant by where I live and I haven’t been yet, but I have been excited to go.

  113. 196

    Kristi says

    I enjoy Zac from Just Dessert. Now I can watch him on the Cooking Channel Show, Unique Sweets. He is a hoot!

  114. 197

    Amber says

    Oh my, this would be too fantastic to win! I too liked the Voltaggio bros, and thought they were a great addition to the season. As for Just Desserts, I liked Morgan and can’t wait for Season 2…it’s on today! Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  115. 198

    Robert says

    I liked both Morgan and Yigit so when Yigit
    won Top Chef – Just Deserts I was happy for

  116. 199

    Kay says

    I have to say Yigit Pura because I admire those who can find creative non traditional ways to ‘train’ for their career.

  117. 201

    tc says

    My vote goes to Dale Talde – the Top Chef All Stars version. His comments were hilarious.

  118. 203

    laura dechant says

    my all time favorite was carla hall, from seasons 5 and 8. soo funny and talented! (:

  119. 204


    Michael Voltaggio is my favorite. He’d probably win if he was on Top Chef Just Desserts. I tried his desserts while he was still at the Dining Room at the Langham and I was blown away.

  120. 208

    Martina Pet says

    My favorite Top Chef contestant was Carla, season 8. Thanks for running such a great contest!

  121. 209

    Angela says

    Definitely the Voltaggio brothers for me too! How can you not love them?

  122. 215


    I loved Jen, but saying that I really love all the contestants, they are all so talented!


  123. 216

    kimberley p. says

    Definately the Voltaggios. Great cooks, and not too shabby to look at either!!!!! heheheh.

  124. 217

    Meng says

    Hubert Keller is my all time fav contestants – he is professional, inspiring and have a good sense of humour. The Voltaggio brothers were great chefs and have great talent. But I would have preferred Bryan over Michael as Top Chef. Bryan had an even keel and more professional demeanor over baby brother Michael.

  125. 218

    SC says

    Stefan Richter, because he’s a talented all round chef. He’s quite versatile, knows both savory and sweet.

  126. 220


    This is going to be difficult… I like Richard Blais, Carla Hall and of course the Voltaggio brothers!!

  127. 221

    ANN S. says

    My favorite contestant ever would be Bryan Voltaggio… my favorite Top Chef Winner would be Hung ^_^

  128. 222

    Susmita says

    I liked Morgan even though they made him out to be the bad guy. His chocolate work always looked sooo good.

  129. 225

    Candice W. says

    I have only watched Top Chef here and there – I don’t have a favorite – yet. I am very excited to start getting into it more since I’ve gotten into cooking (but mostly baking) more :)

  130. 226

    Lily says

    My favorite of all the Top Chef contestants ever is Kevin Gillespie! He was so friendly and enthusiastic! And in love with bacon, which was pretty cute (even though I’m a vegetarian!).

  131. 228

    Esme says

    I would have to say Yigit Pua-thank you for reminding me this is starting again.

  132. 229

    Purnima says

    My favorite -Hubert Keller of Top Chef Masters… Don’t remember exactly when this was. But I remember a memorable challenge of making desserts for kids… He made some cute figures in chocolate, that looked divine…..
    I also loved the show where he cooked an entire dinner in a college dorm room…. It was impressive the gourmet meal he created with the basic facilities. I think he used the shower to cool down a dish – Creative!

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