Daily Gourmet/NewTree Chocolate Deal


I was recently contacted by Daily Gourmet, a new site that offers limited-time offers on artisanal products from around the country. They found me because they were currently running an offer on Amella Caramels, which I had reviewed favorably during my last visit to the San Francisco Chocolate Salon.

Their current offer is for NewTree Chocolates, a brand I am also familar with from my days working in a chocolate shop. Started by a Belgian biochemical engineer, NewTree's chocolates combine fine chocolate with a mixture of antioxidants and botanicals; for example, the Lavender "Tranquility" bar contains lavender and lime blossom extract, while the Cherry "Eternity" bar holds bits of cherry and contains grape seed extract, a polyphenol.

Daily Gourmet is offering a five bar sampler of the following new flavors:
– Apricot "Cocoon"
– Lavender "Tranquility"
– Cherry "Eternity"
– Dark Cocoa "Pleasure"
– Ginger "Sexy"

for $26, with free shipping, which is a 34% savings.

THey are also giving an extra $5 off to 5 Dessert First readers.

How to participate: Leave a comment saying that you have signed up for dailygourmet.com (You can't see the deals until you sign up). I'll pick five readers at random and send you a code that will give you an additional $5 off. Sound good?
This offer is good through Sunday, March 27 only. So I will close this giveaway at the end of Friday tomorrow and send out the codes. Thanks and good luck!


  1. 10

    Pauline says

    J’ai déja goutté lors d’un salon du chocolat, et c’est de formidable chocolat bien parfumé !!!

  2. 14

    RDMiller says

    Love your blog-so does my husband who regularly benefits from your recipes! Signed up at Daily Gourmet. Looking forward to future offerings from then and recipes from you!

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