Sorry, Daring Bakers…I'm Sick

All my lovely fellow Daring Bakers,

I got sick a couple days ago and just managed to get my cupcakes up for Sugar High Friday…but couldn't make it the next few steps to do the Lavash Crackers.

I'm recovering at home, hoping this little bug will go away by the end of the weekend. I'm sorry I couldn't participate!

I'll be visiting the other DB blogs to see what you've all done and I hope to make up for my absence next month!

Please come back in a few days; hopefully I'll be better and I'll be able to write about my trip to Elizabeth Falkner's new restaurant and a chocolate contest announcement!




  1. 4


    Was so looking forward to your final result. But nevermind health comes first, take care and get well soon!

  2. 6

    Verena says

    Aww, sorry to hear that u’re feeling unwell, Anita. But don’t worry; your health is more important and I’m sure none of the Daring Bakers would mind. Get more rest and hope you’ll be up and baking in the kitchen again soon! 😉

  3. 16


    Oh no!! Hope you feel better soon. I’ve been fighting an awful cough for about 3 weeks now – leftover from a cold I took to Miami (which of course got worse there since we were IN MIAMI!!) Rest up!!

  4. 25


    Sorry to hear you’re unwell! Hope you get better soon. And when you do, I can’t wait to hear about your trip to the restaurant :)

  5. 26


    Get well soon, I’m sure the lavash can wait! Cant wait to hear about the restaurant when you’re feeling better…

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