A Sweet Surprise


I’m working on a post that will hopefully be up in a day or two, but in the meantime I’m finally getting around to a long overdue task, which is putting up a shot of the beautiful watercolor that Carol of Paris Breakfasts sent to me!

Back at Christmas I mailed Carol some of the gingerbread cookies I had made, along with some chocolate candy from Bittersweet. Little did I imagine that my humble baked goods would soon be immortalized in the Carol’s deft brushstrokes!

It was very exciting to received a mysterious envelope from New York City in the mail a few weeks later; cutting it open, I found carefully wrapped inside a beautiful rendition of my gingerbread sitting next to a cozy cup of tea with my bag of candy in the background! I never thought my creations could look so good!

I wanted to wait until I had the watercolor properly framed and placed to take a photo, but unfortunately the shot didn’t come out well, so you’ll have to take my word that the picture now lives in a lovely wood frame and is hanging – where else? – in my kitchen.

If you haven’t been to Carol’s site, you should hop over – not only is she a fabulously talented painter (and all her watercolors are for sale on her site) but she is a Francophile and dessert lover of the first order – oftentimes her mouthwatering shots of Parisian p√Ętisseries and cafes are just what I need when I’m dreaming of Paris.

Merci mille fois, Carol!

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    Kudos to Carol.What a great artist.This is very well painted and moreover this water color sets the perfect mood for a cuppa tea and some lovely ginger cookies.Do drop by my Love blog sometime and lemme know how you like it.

  2. 4


    BIG MERCI Anita!
    I’m smiling from ear to ear :)
    Really, you have no idea what it was like to get YOUR goodies in the mail !?
    Just when I was thinking I must paint some Xmas Gingerbread…
    The same day the Post rings my bell with YOUR box.
    And the way it was wrapped..well you knocked my socks off.
    And you knock my socks off with every post you do.
    The care you put into them. And your beautiful photos are paintings for me – so textured and composed and the lighting…
    THANK YOU, Anita, for making my day :)

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    I have been admiring her work for a while now and lust after all of her creations. What a nice exchange!

  4. 7


    Anita, I’m envious! What a gorgeous watercolor. Thanks for letting me know about Carol’s site. I can’t believe that I only heard about her now!

  5. 8


    Thank you for telling us about Carol’s beautiful blog. And this whole wonderful exchange just speaks to what a cool community the food blog world is! I expected to enjoy talking about food–just didn’t expect to find a whole world of talented, sharing people out there.

  6. 9


    Isn’t Carol a great artist?

    Thanks! I feel so lucky to have made such good friends through blogging!

    Thanks – I love the painting! I will be sure to drop by your blog and have a look!

    I love how your painting brightens up my kitchen – wish I was rich enough to buy all your beautiful creations!

    Thank you! I’ve admired Carol’s work for a long time!

    Isn’t she so talented! Plus so nice and sweet over e-mail too!

    Carol stumbled on my blog first – and I’m glad I got to know her, she’s so sweet and funny, and has the most enviable life flying to Paris all the time!

    The food blogging world is an amazing place – I’ve met so many talented and friendly people out there! It’s definitely one of my favorite things about having started a blog!

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