365 Tomorrows Later


There is a quote, “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.” Kind of puts all the late-night existential fretting in perspective, doesn’t it? Or perhaps I’m just lucky. Today was my birthday, and I knew yesterday it would be a wonderful tomorrow, with well wishes from family and friends from near and afar.

I’ve had many good tomorrows in the last year: a second book published, a house purchased, new blogosphere friends made, old friendships rekindled.

And I’m earnestly, resolutely hopeful that there will be many more good tomorrows to come. After all, my wedding is just a few short weeks away.

The best part of today? The fiance and I went to pick up our wedding bands, and as we rolled their smooth, cool weightiness over our palms, he murmured, “I can’t wait to put this on.”

Ladies, if you find a guy who’s willing to say that about a wedding ring, I say, hold on that one.

I haven’t been able to carve out the space to bake more than the basics, but for my birthday I made myself a little tart: a buttery, orange-scented crust speckled with raspberries, then filled with a framboise-kissed chocolate ganache. It’s a combination I’ve loved and I’ll love for days to come.

Thanks to all of you for sharing in Dessert First with me. I look forward to many more sweet tomorrows with you!


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    Oh my god. I want to cry. I have been subscribing on this blog for only a day and yet, I can’t help but feel happy but a stranger. Happy Birthday and congratulations for finding the right man. I hope you believe in God too.

  2. 9


    What a lovely post. I hope your birthday was everything and more, Anita. I am so very very happy for you and Mike, two sweet and wonderful people that I very proudly call my friends. xxoo

  3. 13

    Susan says

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! I can why you would select the fantastic chocolate tart as your birthday treat, it looks wonderful. Is there a recipe?

  4. 14


    Anita, my dear, congratulations and happy belated birthday!
    Here’s to many more good things to come your way – you are as sweet as the beautiful desserts you post here.


  5. 16

    Angelasarris@bellsouth.net says

    Happy Birthday, Anita …I do hope your day was a wonderful one!! Best wish for the coming year! Angela in Atlanta

  6. 17


    Anita…Happy Birthday to you! I do hope your day was a wonderful one. I do wish you a wonderful coming year! Sure sounds to be an exciting one….all the best to you!
    Happy Brithday! From Angela in Atlanta!!

  7. 18


    I have to echo everyones wishes for lovely birthday, excitement for the upcoming nuptials, pleasure at your wise choice of a mate, and yearning for that great birthday tart recipe!

    All the best,


  8. 21

    Betsy says

    What a beautiful tarte! I hope you had a great birthday, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  9. 22

    mandy says

    I just started my subscription, but happy birthday!! I’m so glad that you found the ONE, and you guys will have many many more wonderful 365 days to share!

  10. 24


    Awww, I’ve been so behind in all my internet living (I just started a new job) that I didn’t see this until now! Happy happy belated and your story about the wedding ring tryouts made me melt, so cute!

    Hope you’re well and now I’m hungry for raspberries! :o)

  11. 25


    Happy belated birthday! Your fiance sounds like such a sweet man and I am so happy for you :) The tart looks delicious :)

  12. 27


    Happy birthday to you..Good luck to your up coming wedding. What a very sweet share! Thanks!

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