A Valentine from Me and Driscoll’s

February 8th, 2013 · 8 Comments · Chocolate, Fruit, Ice Cream, Recipes

Triple Berry Semifreddo on dessertfirstgirl.com

Three weeks into motherhood and I’ve noticed how time has taken on a particularly elastic quality. I spend literally the entire day at home: I’ll go through several rinse-and-repeat cycles of feeding, changing, and lulling baby to sleep, and yet somehow it’s always a surprise to look outside and see the sky darkening already. Has she already fed that many times today? What did I have for lunch? Did I even eat lunch? Is that a half-written e-mail on my computer from this morning? Or was it from yesterday? What day is it, anyway? (Very fitting that Groundhog Day was a few days ago, as that’s how I feel these days!)


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