Homemade Halloween: Making “Twix” Bars

October 22nd, 2014 · 38 Comments · Candy, Photography, Recipes, San Francisco

Homemade Twix bars stack

With Halloween coming up next week. I'm finishing all my preparations, which mostly involve putting together Isabelle's costume and moving all the pumpkins in the house back to their designated places, after she's moved them all again for the twentieth time. Apparently pumpkins are way more fun than her regular toys - who knew?

I've stocked up on candy for trick or treaters, but I couldn't resist going into kitchen to make some sweets from scratch. This year, it's a homemade rendition of one of my favorite candies from childhood - the Twix bar.


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Pumpkin Twinkies for Halloween

October 30th, 2012 · 15 Comments · Cakes, Recipes

pumpkin twinkies

Well, a little good news for me and for the blog: my sweet tooth has returned! It was truly disconcerting not craving sweets for a while (although I’m sure my doctor was happy), but I found myself wanting dessert again in the last few weeks, just in time for Halloween! Actually, I have a dentist’s appointment on the 31st – I’m awaiting some comments about the futility of trying to scrape sugar off patients’ teeth when they’re just going to eat a bunch of candy later in the day.


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