Deep Dark Chocolate and Ghostly Meringue Cupcakes

  Happy Halloween! So I just want to say now that all these years before when I would do the ritual complaint of, “Things are so crazy busy around the holidays!” I was saying this without a kid. Now that I have a kid, I truly understand what CRAZY BUSY around the holidays mean.

A Red Egg and Ginger (Dessert) Party

Success! Last weekend we threw a red egg and ginger party for Isabelle! This is a Chinese tradition where the new baby is officially introduced to relatives and family friends, and the baby’s name is revealed. Historically the red egg and ginger party was held when the baby was one month old, as high infant

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Making Do: Buttermilk Vanilla Bean Mini Cakes

The days are starting to fall into some semblance of a schedule, albeit a very flexibly-written one. For example, baby is in her best mood in the morning, which means I usually spend that time interacting and playing with her, since she’s at her most adorable and responsive. Afternoons are more of a mixed bag:

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Happy Birthday to Snickers

Note: this post is pretty much about my dog. If you’re not a dog lover, be forewarned. There is a recipe at the end of the post, but it’s for a dog birthday cake. Again, you’ve been warned! It was just over a year ago that a little 20 pound ball of fluff came into

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{SF} All The Cupcakes You Can Handle: At The SF Cupcake Challenge

Is the cupcake craze over? Apparently not in the Bay Area, where new cupcakeries are still proliferating. A couple weeks ago DrinkEatPlay invited me to judge at the 2nd Annual Bay Area Cupcake Challenge, where 13 cupcake bakeries competed for Best Cupcake and Best Bakery. Two cupcakes from each competitor equaled a whole lot of

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A Winning Blackberry Lemon Cupcake

Photo courtesy of Driscoll’s About a week ago I got to be part of an exciting event: Driscoll’s held a holiday cooking and food photography workshop in San Francisco and several local food bloggers, including yours truly, was invited to attend. I had previously got to tour some of the farms that grow Driscoll’s berries,

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