{Weekend Break}: San Francisco Chocolate Salon

Twice a year chocolate aficionados in San Francisco converge on Fort Mason for a display of some of the country’s finest chocolate makers and chocolatiers. I’ve been going to the San Francisco Chocolate Salon since its inception, so it’s a happy (and tasty tradition) in our household.

Black Bottom Chocolate and Vanilla Creme Brûlée for Valentine’s Day

It’s our third Valentine’s Day as parents. (I almost wrote second but I did some counting back and corrected myself – parenthood does a number on your math skills and sense of time!) We should be experienced hands at juggling life and baby and dog and us, right? Sort of? We did remember to make

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{Review}: Best Sweet Gifts for Valentine’s Day

  Valentine’s Day is almost here – have you got your loved ones a sweet gift yet? I certainly saw a lot of people scurrying about with tell-tale red boxes tucked under their arms at the mall last weekend. If you think the heart-shaped box of chocolate is a tired cliché, here are some collections

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Calm and Bright: Speculoos S’mores to Welcome the New Year

     Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were merry and bright. It’s a little late, but I thought I’d share our New Year’s Eve treat: it may be holiday-themed, but I think you’ll agree after you read about it that it’s worth eating any time of the year.

Out and About: Tidbits from the Last Month

  Thank you to all for you for your kind wishes about my upcoming cookbook! I’m so excited to keep you updated on the news in the next few months! In between wrapping up work on the book and writing for the blog, I got to be part of some fun events in the last

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Deep Dark Chocolate and Ghostly Meringue Cupcakes

  Happy Halloween! So I just want to say now that all these years before when I would do the ritual complaint of, “Things are so crazy busy around the holidays!” I was saying this without a kid. Now that I have a kid, I truly understand what CRAZY BUSY around the holidays mean.