Announcing My Next Cookbook: Lollipop Love

LollipopLove cover
Lollipop Love – coming March 2015

I am so very excited to finally be sharing this news with you all: my third cookbook will be coming out next March! 

The name of the book is Lollipop Love, and it features 40 recipes for the original sweet on a stick. 

This was my main side project for a good part of last year and the beginning of this year, my other main project being baby Isabelle. Juggling motherhood, recipe testing and writing was a challenge indeed, but at the risk of sounding hopelessly cheesy, it did make 2013 one of my sweetest years, in more than one way. Ever since I’ve started a blog devoted to baking, I’ve never been able to stay away from the kitchen or the blog for very long. Becoming a published author was a dream-come-true next step after blogging, and I’m looking forward to sharing this part of me with Isabelle as she gets older. Hopefully right now she’ll just enjoy looking at the pretty photos – and maybe she’ll get a lollipop if she’s good!

While I was researching and testing for this book, one of the comments I got most often was, “I didn’t know you could make lollipops at home.” In fact, lollipops are one of the easiest candies to make, and their simplicity makes them a perfect canvas for creativity. The lollipops I’ve created range from simple sugar to maple walnut to mango chili. I’ve also branched out from sugar lollipops to include caramel and chocolate – imagine fleur de sel caramel and chocolate dipped peppermint cream lollipops. And they can all be made by home bakers – no pastry degree needed!

This is my first cookbook with Chronicle Books, and I’ve been thrilled to work with them. They did a gorgeous job with the book design, and I can’t wait to get an initial copy in my hands, which should be very soon.

I also received word that the official release date for Lollipop Love will be March 17, 2015, which was why I finally decided it was time for an official announcement post. It’s already available for pre-order on Amazon – please take a look, put on your wish list, and spread the word.

I’ll be posting more updates as it gets closer to the release. In the meantime, if you’d like a taste of what’s in the book, check out these pumpkin spice lollipops  - pumpkin season isn’t over yet and it’s not too late to make them.

It’s hard to me to believe that I’m on my third cookbook – I can still remember the amazement and excitement when I got my first cookbook deal. It’s still as thrilling the third time around. Food and dessert are such a big part of my life, and I’m delighted for the chance to get to share it with you all.

Thanks for all your support, and I’m looking forward to sharing some lollipop love with you!


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    Your third? I’m impressed!My first cookbook will be released on Dec.9th, I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. I can’t imagine the time ever again to make another, I’m exhausted from it!

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    Congratulations on your beautiful new book and your baby Isabelle (lovely name!).

    What a fun book and love the cover how colorful it is with all the flavors of lollipops! :)

  3. 10


    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting for you!! And second of all… sweets on a stick, brilliant. This book is a must for my daughter.

  4. 18


    Congratulations! The cover is beautiful and so much fun! Also I could go for that salted caramel one.

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    Lisa says

    Congratulations! I just love your site and read your emails everyday! You keep me busy and interested! (Lol!) I’d like to get a copy of your new book! ~~~Lisa~~~

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    Congrats on you latest book! I am an artist that paints sweets and am always on the look out for new subjects. I have toyed with the idea of painting lollipops but never found the perfect ones. Do you have any photos that you would not mind sharing? As, I work from photos. Thanks you so much!

    • 27


      Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your e-mail! The photos in my book are taken by the publisher so I have to ask them if it’s ok to paint reproductions of them. I might have some other personal photos you could use. E-mail me at if you’d like to discuss some more! Thanks so much!


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