A Sweet Social at Godiva

Godiva storefront
Godiva storefront

Last week I went to a summer sweet social – only it was at Godiva, and the sweets were Godiva’s newest creations, their Trufflelata and Belgian chocolate soft serve. Not your typical ice cream parlor fare, for sure. I made sure not to eat too much before I went and wore my stretchiest pants in anticipation of a lot of dessert.

Godiva chocolate display

Godiva’s classic, distinctive gold packaging, all around their store. San Francisco has three Godiva boutiques; the social was at their Stonestown outpost.

Godiva trufflelate

Here are the new full size Trufflelatas. As the store manager Kyle explained, Godiva has been serving shakes at their boutiques for a while, but they came up with the idea of incorporating actual Godiva truffles into the shake. You can pick from six of their top selling truffle flavors, and it will be blended into the shake in front of your eyes.

Godiva chocolate lava trufflelata

We got to sample all six flavors. Yes, the sample cups don’t look quite as enticing, but we would have never made it to the end if we had bigger portions. (And, as they kept reminding us, there was still soft serve to come!) My favorite was the chocolate lava – basically lots and lots of dark chocolate. Close runners-up were the hazelnut crunch, which is the next best thing to a Nutella shake, and the requisite salted caramel, a blend of sweet and savory.

Godiva assistant

One of the lovely shop associates who made sure we all had something sweet in our hand at all times.

Godiva soft serve

The other, completely brand-new item Godiva is rolling out is their in-house Belgian chocolate soft serve. Currently this is only available at certain boutiques since it requires the installation of a new, separate machine and not all locations can accommodate them yet. Two Godiva boutiques have the soft serve machines – lucky us!

Godiva soft serve machine

The soft serve machine. There are three flavors: their house 72% dark chocolate, a Madagascar vanilla white chocolate, and the necessary swirl. You can get your soft serve in a cup or a Belgian waffle cone, dipped or undipped. Difficult choices…

Godiva soft serve samples

Here is the dark chocolate soft serve. It’s incredibly rich and creamy, almost more like a pudding than ice cream. 

Godiva cones

Dipped waffle cones ready for filling. After all the samples, we were offered a cone with our choice of soft serve flavor. Talk about an indulgent evening!

These new items have been in the San Francisco Godiva boutiques for a new months, and Kyle reported that they’ve been enthusiastically received by customers – even new ones who haven’t typically gone into the boutiques. While I haven’t tried Godiva’s previous shakes and other frozen treats, I was really impressed with the Trufflelata and the soft serve – definitely treats I would indulge in on a hot summer day (of which there aren’t too many more this year, so get going!)

And, as promised, here are the winners of a $25 Godiva gift card, so they can indulge in a little sweet something before summer ends. Winners were chosen at random from the comments in this entry.

Julie (#21)

Nicole S (#50)

Linda K (#75)

Jinxi (#42)

Carolsue (#96)

Congrats, and thanks to Godiva again!

This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated by Godiva to attend their event and received the gift cards for a giveaway. All opinions in this post remain my own.

Godiva soft serve cones


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    Quite a dreamy social, Anita! My gosh I could practically taste everything. Too bad I can’t have dairy BUT I still love looking, oohing and aahing over such sweet treats. Chocolate & ice cream- yum.

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