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February 26th, 2013

Pieography cover1

I’m excited to announce the release of Pieography: Where Pie Meets Biography by WWC Press. As the title implies, it’s a collection of pie recipes both sweet and savory from 39 women who love food – myself included! I was approached by WWC to contribute a pie recipe and an essay that explored how this pie speaks to our life experiences and our goals.

I was happy to participate in such a heartwarming project, and my contribution to Pieography is my “I Heart Summer” Strawberry and Lemon Verbena Pie. Although it’s already a blog post on this site, submitting it for the book and having to write an accompanying piece encouraged me to re-examine the pie and articulate how it represented me and my philosophy. Also, although you can get the recipe here, there are 41 other wonderful pie recipes in the book covering an impressive range of styles – from pot pies to quiches to ice cream pies to galettes. It was also lovely to read the biographies of everyone who created all these pies – such a diverse collection of talented and creative women, and a group I’m honored to be in.


Here’s a shot of the back cover featuring yours truly along with some other fantastically accomplished women! I’m truly proud to be part of this project with WWC. And I’m pleased to have a chance to share it with you! I am giving away two copies of Pieography to Dessert First readers!

Pieography back cover

To enter: Leave a comment below about your favorite type of pie and why. It can be sweet or savory, a fruit pie, quiche, tart – whatever holds first place in your heart. The contest will run until next Wednesday, March 6 and I’ll select two winners at random and announce them on Thursday March 7. Good luck, and I hope to read some mouth-watering descriptions in the comments!

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  • Faith Kramer #1

    Strawberry-Rhubarb — My grandparents’ house in upstate NY was surrounded by a neighbor’s field of rhubarb. The neighbor would give my beloved Italian-Hungarian Jewish stepgrandma armloads of the reddish green stalks and she would cook them up especially for me — none of the other kids liked it. When I went to college a nearby pie restaurant had strawberry-rhubarb pie that I loved not just for it’s flaky crust and sweet-tart taste but for the memories of Grandma Clara making something special for me.

  • Rebecca@A Dusting of Sugar #2

    Crack Pie. So good. Momofuku Milk Bar rocks my world.

  • ladywild #3

    I love a good cherry pie. More sour than sweet. I just love it. I think a slightly salty crust balances out the cherries and well…its just delicious

  • Neonmoon10 #4

    Quiche. I guess that counts as a pie. I’m a big fan of veggies, cheese, and eggs. Its a great way to get them together.

  • Emily #5

    Almost anything in a crust is going to win me over anyway, but I will always come back to my Thanksgiving Pecan Pie! …or the quiche at Mon Ami Gabi…flaky crust, more heavy cream in it than eggs, bacon, herbs….. mmmmmmmmm…..

  • Sarah H.P. #6

    My favorite kind of pie is my grandma’s open face peach pie! It’s to die for!

  • Diana #7

    My favorite pie is my grandmother’s strawberry chiffon. There’s something about the salty buttery crust with sweet strawberries topped with meringue. I’m determined to replicate it- she won’t part with her recipe just yet!

  • karen #8

    I love baking fresh fruit pies all summer long, and the best of all is fresh apricot pie.

  • grace #9

    butterscotch cream pie–oh, the decadence!

  • Ana #10

    Blueberry Pie. I love it love it love it. In fact, I think I’ll make one today.

  • Ashley #11

    This looks like a beautiful book! My favorite pie is rhubarb custard pie. Mmmm…

  • Evie Brodbeck #12

    My husband loves my apple pie – it seems I make it a lot ans I love it too!

  • Mellisa W #13

    I am like Harold with the purple crayon – I like all nine kinds of pie. Chocolate cream will always be my pick.

  • Yael #14

    My very favorite pie is coconut creme. I have childhood memories of it, but can’t remember exactly where from!! All I know is that whenever I want to make pie or order it at a restaurant, that is the one I always go for.

  • Rachel K #15

    I love pumpkin pie with real pumpkins. I make it for my family during Thanksgiving. I just love that time of year and spending time with my family and this pie always reminds me of that.

  • Kiran @ KiranTarun.com #16

    PB and chocolate pie! Oh yum :D

  • Lynna #17

    My favorite pie is definitely, apple pie! With a crumb topping because the all the buttery goodness always makes me happy. :D

  • Maxine #18

    My favorite is my Mums amazing chicken pie!! she would always give me the leftover dough to make decorations that she put on the top!

  • Alice #19

    Egg tarts with shortbread crusts! Trips to the Asian bakery are rare, but whenever my mom offers to take me I jump at the chance!

  • Audreh Lee #20

    My favorite pie is Sweet Potato Pie because of all the great memories from Thanksgiving with my family.

  • Valérie #21

    Lemon tart, definitely! Lemon curd and shortbread crust just go together like nothing else!

  • Laura Dembowski #22

    Well my blog is named Pies and Plots so it’s safe to say I’m pretty obsessed with pie. My favorite is peach blackberry. It is the first pie I ever made. The flavors are incredible- a little cinnamon, some booze, not too much sugar. It also reminds me of summer, my favorite time of year.

  • Jenifer Smith #23

    My favorite pie is Strawberry Rhubarb. I love it because I grew up getting fresh rhubarb from my grandparents garden.



  • Margaret #24

    I love Rum Cream Pie! My mother in law gave me her recipe and it’s our favorite.

  • Jasmine lim #25

    My favourite is apple pie. I remember those days when I was much younger, family is not well to do. We can only afford an apple pie. The sweet and midly spiced fillings are so unforgettable.

    Ty (:

  • nancy #26

    My favorite is apple pie because it’s the first pie I learn how to make.

  • Renee G #27

    I love coconut cream pie. A little sweet, a little exotic, a lot delicious.

  • Ken Kahn #28

    My mother makes the best pecan praline pie. She uses no corn syrup but only real sugars. Then she tops it with a bourbon caramel sauce . I love you mom.

  • Dianna #29

    I LOVE a good apple crumb pie!

  • Amanda #30

    As a general rule of thumb for me, the more crust there is the better the pie! I particularly love salted caramel apple pie~

  • Sheetal Paul #31

    My fav is raspberry cream cheese pie which i make when the holiday seasons end…just to remind me that the good days do not end with the holidays… It really is a comfort pie..

  • Eva #32

    Def. blueberry pie made wit fresh picked berries from my fathers garden, so fun! It’s a family tradition i’m looking forward tot every summer :)

  • Margot in Mystic #33

    Apple pie. Placed in a grocery store paper bag, stapled shut and the whole thing goes in the oven. Talk about heaven.

  • Joy #34

    Lemon Meringue!!! Living in the Northeast…waiting for the next snowstorm to hit….dreaming of summer and a slice!!

  • Debbie D #35

    It is too hard to just pick one pie. Probably oatmeal pie.

  • Elin #36

    I love a tart apple pie with a cheddar cheese crust!

  • Denise V. Moses #37

    I love all kinds of pies especially apple pie.

  • Joey #38

    my favourite will always be the classic apple pie. it was the first pie I ever made and it got me hooked on baking :D

  • Jana stern #39

    I love apple pie! The smell of cinnamon and apples is just heaven !! Hmmmm !

  • Kristin #40

    banana cream pie is my favorite!

  • YN #41

    I would say that I am a huge fan of fresh fruit pies. They are absolutely refreshing and delicious.

  • La Gourmandesse #42

    I used to be too afraid of pie crust to even attempt a pie. Growing up with a mom who made an excellent apple pie (but grumbled through the crust making process), I never really mastered the skill myself.
    Over the past 3 years, I’ve perfected my own technique, and now have a Crisco crust so down pat that I didn’t hesitate to make buttertarts from scratch for my Christmas baking stash this year.
    And nothing beats a peach pie in August, when stores are overflowing with juicy local peaches!

  • Jessica #43

    Blackberry pie, with buttery, flakey double crust. Mmmmmm.

  • sherly #44

    i love all kinds of pie, but my very favorite so far is egg tart. i think it also counted as pie. i like egg tart with puff pastry as the base more than using short crust, then topped with egg custard..yumm (actually i’m eating it right now =9) i wish someday i could go to HK and explore their egg tart! =)

  • Su Yin #45

    Raspberry pie with a sweet and creamy coconut and caramel coating served with whipped cream from a local cafe!

  • Lisa #46

    Definitely my mom´s blueberry pie. In the summers my mom, brothers and I pick the berries in the nearby woods. It`s a whole lot of work, but you can absolutely taste the difference!

  • Christyna #47

    Ooohhhh… That book looks amazing! Congrats! My favorite kind of pie is an egg custard pie. Yumm!

  • Rose #48

    My favorite pie has to be Pumpkin Pie.

  • Aileen #49

    my fave pie is lemon meringue :)

  • Deborah H. #50

    sour cream blueberry pie

  • Gina #51

    My favorite pie is the sugar cream pie, which I guess is a regional thing. It is very easy to make and quite creamy and super sweet!!

  • Marcia #52

    Sour cherry pie with a crumble topping! Sooo good!

  • Holiday Baker Man #53

    I can never get enough sour cherry pie!

  • Ren #54

    Chocolate cream Pie! Why? Because of the chocolatey goodness.

  • Amrita #55

    My favorite is a chocolate pie/tart. For me it is the ultimate soul-uplifter food. The softness of the chocolate together with the crispness of the pie pastry is a match made in heaven. The mere mention is leaving me drooling!!

  • Larissa Prusak #56

    My absolute favorite pie is the apple pie. I make it every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I cut out letters from the rest of the dough and garnish the pie. Sometimes it says Apple Pie or what ever the occasion is.

  • teri #57

    Pumpkin Haupia is my favorite right now… with Chocolate Haupia as a very close second… something about Haupia that enhances other flavors… Oh, Haupia is Coconut Pudding :)

  • Mari @ Oh, Sweet & Savory #58

    Congratulations on your submission! How exciting!

    My favorite pie is my mother’s pumpkin pie. Each time I go home she bakes it for me, and it makes my day.

  • JudithQ #59

    Savory…I crave savory pie meat cheese veggies…especially fresh tomato pie.
    book looks inviting.

  • Elise #60

    apple pie!! I love to make it for my husband. Pi day (03/14) is coming soon… so I’ll make one for him :)

  • Esther #61

    Apple pie….I love any and all apple desserts, though oddly enough I’m fairly indifferent to apples in the raw!

  • Debbie S #62

    My favorite is peach, followed by pecan!

  • joan #63

    love lemon meringue

  • Rosalyn #64

    I love making and eating blueberry pie with a lattice top, when blueberries are in season. It looks good and tastes delicious.

  • Mary Ellen #65

    Cherry! picking cherries, pitting cherries, (my job), mom baking a delicious pie. With ice cream of course. Mom is gone, I’m 70, long ago, but happy memories.

  • AppleTree #66

    Blueberry with fresh whipped cream.

  • pam senduy #67

    I love apple pie with a crumbal topping. This book looks great!
    Congratulations on being a part of it.

  • Rachel S. #68

    I am a fan of many pies, but I think my ‘comfort’ pie is pumpkin. It always brings me back to warm, cozy Autumn days in the kitchen with my mum. For summertime, peach and raspberry would have to be it! – sweet and tart… mmm!

  • Jenn #69

    Coconut custard is my favorite pie.

  • Teri #70

    Custard Pie! Love love the Chinese Egg Custard Tarts and custard pie comes closest to it!!!
    Yummm :)

  • Christina #71

    My favorite pie is definitely pumpkin pie! My family isn’t too keen on sweets so when we do get pies, it’s always during the holiday season. I’m always the one who insists we get pumpkin pie and of course, with whip cream! :)


  • Lorraine Peh #72

    An apple pie would steal my heart anytime. The versatility in using apples in baking pies is what I enjoy most about it and can never get sick of a just-out-of-the-oven warm apple pie. The Americans have a version of it whilst the French appreciates this pie in a different manner. It can also cater to different taste preferences for one who prefers a more tart-ly texture to another who is a sweeth tooth. SOOO… I don’t see why this isn’t or shouldn’t be everyone’s fave pie!
    #anaspiringpiebakerlookingtogetherfirstpiebook :)

  • Marla #73

    my favorite is a good berry pie…marioberry or blackberry probably. yum!

  • Holly #74

    I have recently discovered Strawberry Rhubarb pie, and find it my new favorite. I had never had a strawberry rhubarb pie, but my father in law loves rhubarb, so I made him the strawberry rhubarb pie and we had a piece with him. Ever since then, I find myself craving this pie! Yum!

  • Isa #75

    Clafouti, the classic kind with sour cherries and a touch of almond, reminds me of my French mom and childhood and is my all-time favorite. I love fruit tarts and pies, so it’s not lightly that I pick clafouti!

  • Amy Tong #76

    I love fresh fruit pies. I make this one with fresh berries, mandarin, kiwi, on top of pastry cream with a chocolate covered cookie crust. My #1 pie. :)

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  • Yvonne G #77

    My favorite pie is “3-Apple Crunch”. This delicious pie has 3 types of apples, a tender and flaky bottom crust, and a crisp, crunchy struesel topping. The chinese 5-spice flavor and aroma knocks this apple pie out of the park!

  • Jo #78

    Our favorite pie is Lemon meringue with it’s lemony goodness and mountain high meringue. It is a reminder of the time we used to spend with my husband’s grandmother. She left us almost 15 years ago, but every time we have lemon meringue I am reminded of our tea and lemon meringue pie times with her. She would tell us all kinds of stories of her life.

  • Achu #79

    It’s an amazing giveaway and your pie looks so tempting :) I love traditional apple pie as it enhances spuce flavor and full of apples and crunchy crust on the top and goes perfect with ice cream. we loved this pie :) I love this book as I love to try out different ones :)

  • Lisa Kay #80

    Ohhhhh! How I love pie, but my favorite is apple with cinnamon sugar flavored in! Reminds me of the old fashioned days with my late Grandma, Abulita Chiquita!

  • shubha #81

    warm apple pie…

  • Claire G. #82

    Pumpkin pie, an eternal favorite of mine. A special pie that is served around the Holidays, when I am surrounded by family, that is my favorite pie. It’s not like my family lives far away from us, most are really close or just one state over. My uncle, however, lives about six or seven states over, in Texas. I only ever get to see him during the Holidays, and he is, admittedly, my favorite uncle, a warn and gentle person who anyone would get along with. Pumpkin pie is like a family in a sense; a blending of all different spices mixing with the temperate pumpkin, and with just the right amount of sweetness to make you smile. To me, pumpkin pies has a very special meaning, family, especially now when the economy is bad and I don’t always get to see my uncle during the Holidays. Pumpkin pie, my eternal comfort, joy, and favorite.

  • Megan #83

    Apple pie, just like my grandmother used to make, with crumb topping and cinnamon and sugar.

  • Diane #84

    Chocolate cream pie with graham cracker crust

  • Suds #85

    Cherry pie, lemon meringue. Chocolate cream pie sounds amazing. I recently made a mixed fruit pie with apples, rhubarb, cherries, blackberries and a sprinkling of ground almonds.

  • JP #86

    Rasberry pie, so fresh tasting and I love the sweet-tartness!

  • John #87

    Peach pie, the best of summer

  • Zuzana N #88

    Definitely a rustic cherry pie made with brown sugar, cinnamon and sweet, almost black cherries and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum!

  • Sandy W. #89

    Lemon. My Mom’s recipe which was published in a magazine over 40 years ago. She still has the page she cut out with the recipe on it.

  • Amanda Thompson #90

    I love Salted Caramel Apple Pie because it makes the house smell so heavenly as the apples and cinnamon and caramel bubble together in the oven!

  • Alexandra #91

    Peach Pie is my favorite. Reminds me of when my parents use to take me peach picking.

  • Mary #92

    That book looks beautiful; what a great concept! I really love using pie as a vessel for savory fillings. Ratatouille is always a good one.

  • Michelle #93

    My absolute favorite is apple pie but I like other fruit pies too.

  • Ann #94

    Tough to choose – Spinach Pie – an old french recipe that I’m trying desperately to find. OR my Mom’s Blueberry pie or her Lemon Meringue – she was fantastic at pies. I sure miss her!

  • Shannon #95

    I have three! Sorry! In cold winter, I like a rich Chocolate Silk Pie, and Strawberry Rhubarb just screams summer and when fall comes, I love a Apple Pie w/a hint of cinnamon and Vanilla Ice Cream!

  • Christina Tong #96

    I love custard pie with fresh fruits on top and in an almond crust. It’s beautiful and yummy!!


  • deb fitzgerald #97

    Pork PIe!!! My family has some amazing bakers and this one came from my Aunt Net… it was full of pork sausage, sage, onions and yumminess, We only ate it at christmas or Thanksgiving and it had a french name that I cannot spell or pronounce but it was rich and filling , it was also good eaten cold, for some reason I recall putting ketchup on it when it was cold??? Oh well Pork Pie is among my top favorites!!

  • Rachel #98

    This cookbook looks fabulous!
    My mom’s coconut chess pie has always been my favorite.

  • Kim Catapano #99

    My Favorite Pie is Sweet Potato Pie!! I wanted to make it for Thanksgiving one year because it’s my Mom’s favorite. It was one of the first pies that I had ever made and I was so pleased when it came out of the oven. My family loved it so much that I make it every year now.

  • Jennifer C. #100

    I’d have to say blueberry pie is my favorite (closely followed by apple). But really, I’d eat anything with pie crust!

  • Laura #101

    The blueberry pie from WholeFoods. My neighbor brought one over to share last night as a surprise. What a thoughtful gesture – it made the pie extra tasty.

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