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Sated Issue 2 is Almost Here!

November 21st, 2012 · 4 Comments · Personal, Recipes, Sated


Hello dear readers,

Hope you are all ready for the holiday season to begin! Stephanie of Desserts for Breakfast and I have a happy announcement to kick things off: the second issue of sated is just about ready to hit the printers!

We’re excited to share the (double) theme of issue 2: Flours and Flowers. At first we were tickled by the wordplay; then we learned about their shared etymological roots and that sealed the deal for us. We’ll be exploring the amazingly wide range of flours available today and how to use them; visiting one of America’s most well-known specialty flour mills; uncovering the secrets behind perfect croissants; providing an illustrated guide to edible flowers; and creating floral centerpieces for holiday tables, just to list a few articles. There were so many possible avenues to explore in both themes that it was difficult to cut them down, but we hope we’ve curated a collection of great reads and intriguing recipes for you.


We’re also excited about issue 2 because we brought in a whole slew of talented bloggers, writers, and artists to contribute to the issue. We’ll have contributor bios up when issue 2 is released, but as a preview, expect to see contributions from The Tomato Tart, Vanilla Garlic, Cannelle et Vanille, and The Amateur Gourmet, just to name a few. The words, recipes, and imagery they created are helping to expand and round out the sated vision. We’re really looking forward to sharing their work with you. If you’re interested in being a contributor, shoot us an e-mail at editor@satedmag.com.

Look for sated issue 2 to be available for purchase very shortly – I will make an announcement as soon as it’s in our online store! Please leave a spot for it on your holiday shopping list, and don’t forget that issue 1 is still available for purchase.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone, and I’ll be back with an update soon!


P.S. Ignore the October date on the image – I just wanted to share it because I think it’s so lovely. And the croissants were delicious, too.

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A Malasada Experiment

November 13th, 2012 · 21 Comments · Breads, Recipes

malasada lilikoi

One of the things about social media is that at any given time someone in your social circle is doing something fun. I've noticed that no matter what time of year it is, there always seems to be someone in my Facebook feed going to Hawaii. Maybe it's self-selection; after all, I live on the West Coast where the islands are a reasonably accessible spot for vacations and quick getaways, so I guess it makes sense that many of my locally-based friends would take advantage of that. It also means that nearly every other week I get to see photos of lush beaches and gorgeous sunsets on my computer and think to myself, "that'd be nice it I were there."


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