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{SF} {Palo Alto} Chantal Guillon’s New Store

August 27th, 2012 · 6 Comments · Reviews, San Francisco, Sweet Spots, Sweet Spots

chantal guillon boxes

While the macaron craze may have have subsided slightly in the blogosphere, they’re still popular here in the Bay Area – no self-respecting patisserie would be without a rainbow-hued selection of these little sweets. My choice for satisfying my macaron cravings is Chantal Guillon – a little shop tucked away in San Francisco that featured some of the most elegantly formed and decorated renditions of this French confection. I loved her version so much I even had ordered them for my wedding reception, a highlight I still remember fondly.

So I was thrilled to receive notice that Chantal Guillon had opened a second store down in Palo Alto, and even better, I was invited to visit the shop and chat with Mme Guillon herself! I sped down the Peninsula on a sunny Friday afternoon get a look at the brand new store.


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A Sundae for Summer

August 13th, 2012 · 14 Comments · Ice Cream, Recipes

arnold palmer sundae

This post was meant to go up earlier last week, but disaster struck – we had a freezer malfunction at home and the ice cream I made all melted! Fortunately we were able to salvage most things, but it delayed photo-taking for a couple days. Not that melty ice cream can’t be just as delicious, but ice cream soup was not the imagery I was going for.

This duo of ice creams was inspired by one of my favorite summertime drinks, the Arnold Palmer. It took me an embarrassingly long time to learn what this drink was, and that it was not, as I thought, an alcoholic drink. I think whenever I had iced tea, I almost always thought there were already lemons in there, so I never thought you might need or want to mix it with lemonade, but surprise – I liked it! I imagine it might be partly because I’m the person who dumps a bunch of sugar in her iced tea (and yes, I know what sweet tea is!) so the extra sugar in most lemonades is the draw for me.


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