Improv Sewing and Cookies


Thanks all for your support of sated! And now, a quick diversion:

I’ll be providing cookies for a book event tomorrow: the authors Improv Sewing: A Freeform Approach to Creative Techniques will be doing a demo and book signing at Britex Fabrics in downtown San Francisco. I was approached because they were looking for a local blogger to provide treats for their event. Well, I was flattered to help out and who knows? I might actually learn how to do more with a thread and needle than sew buttons back on! A baker I am; a seamstress I’m not!

If you’d like to learn about the book, you can visit the website for a cute video.

Thanks also to everyone for their support of sated! As a reminder, if you are entering the contest through Twitter or Facebook to win a copy of the magazine, you must follow sated on Twitter and leave a comment, or like sated on Facebook and leave a comment. We see some people only following us without leaving a comment, so make sure you’ve done both parts! Thanks, good luck, and have a great weekend!



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    jean beck says

    Congratulations to you and your friend on the upcoming publication. It sounds very intriguing and certainly worth finding. I love it that folks still appreciate the value of home-baked goodies, especially those made by a published author/blogger/dessert wizard such as yourself. Although perhaps not the place for this discussion, do you, your readers, etc. have any favorite packaging sources/websites for your baked goods, particularly cookies? We have all seen the proliferation of the charming cupcake papers out there, but the lowly (not so, mind you!) cookie seems to get little to no attention at all.

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