Going on Vacation + No Pictures Won’t Stop A Giveaway!

The giveaway is now closed. Thanks for visiting!

Growing pains that come from moving and expanding your blog…unavoidable, and a neverending challenge. I currently am having some issues with getting images to appear correctly on this site, which sorts of renders a food blog a little pointless, no? While I’m sure (hopeful?) the answer is just a couple code lines away, I am also leaving on a two week vacation today…to the Mediterranean and far, far, away from the Internet. So I’m afraid no new photos will arrive until U return.

So sorry, dear readers! I meant to leave you with a few interesting posts to tide you over, but it looks like I’ve been stymied by technological roadblocks.

As consolation, click over to the online version of Edible East Bay, where my review of Alice Medrich’s new cookie book Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy
has been published. I’ve met Alice a few times and she is a truly meticulous and inspired baker. Her cookbooks remain among my favorites n my bookshelf.

I’m also giving a copy of this book away to one lucky reader – just leave a comment describing your favorite texture of cookie. Do you like your chocolate chip cookies thick and chewy? Your brownies cakey? Your macarons just this side of chewy? Give me some adjectives!

I’ll let this run until I return on June 12, at which point hopefully all will have been restored to rightness here and I can post the winner, as well as some tidbits from my interview with Alice, and a recipe from her book.

Thanks for your patience, all! Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Now, I have a plane to catch!


  1. 1

    Ginny says

    I like something chewy, but with a little crunch. Like a thick oatmeal cookie….so good!

  2. 2


    I love cookies with a crunch, but crumbly like a sablee. Macarons have to be a little soft inside.

    Have a great time!

  3. 3

    sydney85 says

    I love soft, thick gooey chocolate chip cookies as well as melt in the mouth soft macarons. I am also very fond of fruity financiers which have the browny butter taste with a bursting taste of blueberries, raspberries or cherries.

  4. 4


    I currently (as of 5 mins) love cookies that break with a snap and crackle in your mouth like brandy snaps!

  5. 5

    AnnaLyon says

    Brownies must be dense and fudgy, not too sweet. As for cookies, the best are crunchy on the outside, and really soft inside, with gooey chocolate… hmmm!

  6. 6

    Jennifer says

    I love a good mixture of chew and crunch. Like a birds nest or ‘jammy dodger’ type of cookie. the sweet chew of a fruit filling and the crumbly crunch of a shortbread type. Linzers with the same tender crunch and subtle chew are delicious too!

  7. 7

    Jason says

    Chewy in the middle and crisp on the outside. Best if they’re still warm.

  8. 9

    Tiff says

    I love chewy, soft cookies that break apart easily. They’re just so delicious, and practically melt in your mouth!

  9. 10


    I love all cookies, no matter what the texture! But in particular, I love a sanppy, crunchy cookie like a spicy gingersnap!

  10. 11


    I usually make my cookies quite thick, so that they become crispy on the outside and a bit softer inside.

  11. 13

    Julz says

    The cookies I love are thick that have a crisp crust on the outside that then give way to soft, chewy deliciousness on the inside. MMmm..!

  12. 14


    I love my cookies in medium thickness with a great crunch on the outside and a little bit chewy on the inside. I love it when it’s still a little bit warm after in came out of the oven…but cool enough to handle. Can’t beat that still melting chocolate chips inside the cookies….

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway and have a wonderful trip!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  13. 15

    Skippy says

    I love Alice Medrich’s work! Her cocoa brownies are my favorite.

    I have to have contrasting textures in anything I bake, including cookies. If the main part of the cookie is pillowy soft, then I want some crunch or something with a little bit of bite mixed in. A crisp, short cookie calls for a soft filling. I am not one for smooth sailing all the way with one type of texture.

    I hope you have a great vacation–

  14. 16

    Libbi says

    i love my cookies crispy on the outside but thick, soft and gooey on the inside. so yummy. a cookie that just breaks into pieces isn’t for me.

  15. 18

    NancyB says

    Depends on the type of cookie, and it’s so hard to choose: fudgy brownies, crispy-chewie chocolate chip….but I’ll go with crisp but melt in your mouth shortbread.

  16. 19

    erin says

    crisp on the outside, tender crumb in the middle, with the right amount of gooey-ness!

  17. 20

    Louise says

    I love my cookies thick and chewy and their has to be a slight give when you bite into them, like a hard outer shell giving way to the chewiness. But, the best part is when they are warm with melty chocolate chips.

  18. 23

    Maribel says

    Chocolate Chip is my favorite. I like it chunky & crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside!

  19. 25


    Such a fabulous giveaway – the title of that book is just mouthwatering! I like my blondies (and brownies) fudgy… which has, so fat, led to 6 batches in 4 days in an effort to find the perfect proportions when the chocolate is taken out. A hard life, surplus baked goods! Happy holiday, too…

  20. 26

    Gloria says

    I love chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies thick and chewy. I prefer my shortbread with a delicate crumbly-ness and gingerbread cookies thin and crispy!

    Enjoy your lovely vacation and may you return to all things working well!

  21. 29

    Jessica says

    I like cookies that are soft and chewy on the inside and crunchy around the edges.

  22. 33

    Rebecca says

    I love chewy cookies. They must be slightly crisp and crunchy around the edges, but the interior should be nice and chewy. Yum!

  23. 35

    Rose says

    My favorite texture for cookies depends entirely on the cookie I’m eating. For sugar cookies and biscotti, I prefer crispy, crunchy. Chocolate cookies should be chewy and gooey (preferably with peanut butter chips oozing out). When it comes to chocolate chip cookies though, I’m an equal opportunity eater. I’ll eat them whether they’re thick and chewy or thin and crispy.

  24. 38

    Doris says

    I like the Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. A woman at church makes these fabulous oatmeal cookies – crunchy, nutty – the bomb!

  25. 39

    Cheryl says

    For brownies, dense and fudge-y with a cream cheese swirl, the kind that will leave chocolate in between all your teeth and make you feel like you need to floss! But so worth it.

  26. 44

    Alice Zou says

    Cookies should be really thick and sugary, so they become slightly crispy on the outside and really chewy in the middle.

  27. 45

    Georgiana says

    My cookie needs to be chewy and gooey. Add some nuts and we have a winner.

  28. 46

    Allison C says

    I like my chocolate chip cookies chewy with a slight crust and definitely on the thinner side. I like my sugar cut-out cookies on the crispier side with lots of sprinkles like my grandmother made for me.

  29. 50

    sindy says

    i luv my cookies, especially chocolate chip, slightly underbaked, so there is a nice soft chewy inside..

  30. 55

    betty says

    Choclate chip cookies…slgihtly crisp as well on the surface with a moist, chewy interior….just a tad underbaked. Brownies…dense but moist.

  31. 56

    Cinthia says

    I love my chocolate cookies chewy on the inside, like melting in my mouth….Yummm!!

  32. 58

    Michelle Schreier says

    I like very crunch chocolate chip cookies that you can actually hear the crunch when you are chewing them. Of course they have to have the very best chocolate chips in them melted to perfection! I like macaroons that are crispy and dry on the outside and moist and tender on the inside (and dipping them in dark chocolate doesn’t hurt either). I love crispy macarons with light and fluffy italian meringue filling – crispy and marshmallowy :)

  33. 59

    ikkinlala says

    I’m not sure if Canadians may enter, but just in case: for me it depends on the type of cookie. Some kinds are best when they’re crunchy on the edges and chewy but not cakey in the middle. Other kinds are best if they’re crisp all the way through, and a few should be sandy or buttery. Brownies are good in the chewy or fudgy varieties, but I’m not a fan of the cakey type.

  34. 60

    martina says

    I’ve just recently met a new addiction: chewiness on cookies. I’m Italian and we have crunchy biscotti over there, but then I moved to Ireland and I met my soul mate chewiness… enjoy the Mediterranean

  35. 61


    I love my cookies thin and crispy on the outside while chewy on the inside. It’s rare to find but I love it!

  36. 64

    Squee says

    I like the outside with the sugar caramelized and crispy, but the inside depends on the cookie. I tend to put an excessive amount of things in my cookies. If I am adding chocolate chips, then there will be many types of chocolate

  37. 65

    jade says

    thick cookies with a crisp shell and a surprise of chewy inside. i’d take a good, no-frills cookie over a macaron any day.

  38. 66


    I hope you enjoy your vacation. :) A Mediterranean escape sounds just lovely.

    My absolute favorite cookie is a crisp and dense double chocolate block of pure bliss, but oddly enough, I generally prefer thick, soft, only slightly chewy cookies.

  39. 67

    Sandy Munn says

    I love almost any and all cookies – especially (of course) home made! I suppose my favorite texture would be a soft and slightly chewy version. I really am not picky about the kind (as I really seem to like them all.) My newest interest seems to be the Macaron. Although I certainly have not perfected them – I am working on it. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win a wonderful book, it is especially nice for those of us who cannot afford to buy them. We can take these wonderful opportunities to hopefully win. Thank you again!

  40. 68

    Jaz says

    Looking forwards to your return; I’m deprived of my weekly Dessert First fixes!

    Mmm, almost every type of cookie makes my tongue happy. If I had to wrestle the cookie monster for one, though, I’d have to go for something with a slightly crunchy exterior with a pillow-soft interior. Then for the brownies, a crackly crust and a fudgy filling, studded with melting dark chocolate bits. Ooh, I think I just induced a craving!

  41. 69

    Jenny says

    I love a good cripsy outside with a soft inside. And some fun crunchy goodies to surprise me :)

  42. 70

    Casey says

    I know that chocolate chip cookies are the most common of all cookies! but what can i say?:) if it’s good, it’s good! nothing beats a warm chocolate chip cookie for me!:) just before it completely cools down, the scrumptious ooey gooey-ness of the chocolate and the crisp edges yet chewy and moist center!:)

  43. 73

    Hidi says

    For choco chip cookies, I love them not too thin and not too thick, but just right with a crisp exterior and a soft, chewy interior that is still slightly warm where gooey chocolate bursts into your mouth. I feel this is just the best of everything and oh so comforting with a nice glass of cold milk.

  44. 75

    Esme says

    Chocolate chip cookies-for me always chewey and gooey-I love them warm from the oven where the chips can be pulled apart. I must say I do not enjoy them as much once they are cold and hard.

  45. 78

    Brandy says

    I just found your blog, I love it. Anyways, I love cookies that crisp when you bite into them and then chewy and soft in the outside. But honestly I’ve meet very few cookie that I didn’t love!

  46. 79

    Katie says

    I love a thick, cake-like cookies with tons of chocolate. Even better if the edges are a little crunchy. Ok, now I have to make cookies. :)

  47. 80

    Jen V. says

    I like my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies buttery and crisp. Perfect for dipping in a glass of milk!

  48. 81

    Pat S says

    I love anything Alice puts her hand to, and had the pleasure of taking a class with her many years ago in Berkeley at Sur La Table. Her brown butter brownies are to die for.

    As for cookie texture, what I love is the ones made with egg whites, giving that chewy texture. Check out the Flourless Butterless Dark Chocolate Cookies by Francois Payard. There is nothing better.

  49. 83

    Jessica F says

    I love love love a crunchy on the outside but chewy soft on the inside coconut macaroons!! yum~!

  50. 84

    Jennifer says

    Oooh! Hopefully it’s not too late to describe my fav. dessert texture. I just discovered this site and I love it!! :-) I tend to gravitate toward any delectable type of goodness that is creamy, fluffy, soft, sugary, chewy and pretty. From jimmy sprinkles to fresh out-of-the-oven sugar cookies, they are best delicate. <3

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