It’s My Birthday – And I’m Doing A Giveaway!

The giveaway is now closed. Thanks for visiting!


I was talking to my sister last week ago and she was reminding me to get a Mother’s Day card for our mom. I replied, “Well, we don’t need to worry about so soon, Mother’s Day is after my birthday and my birthday isn’t for a while…ohhh.”

So how did it become May already? I love having a May birthday – all that spring sunshine – and I love looking forward to it. However, the last few years I seem to get really busy in April so my birthday jumps out at me like an exam I haven’t studied for. (Another thing about a May birthday? Remember AP exams in high school? I had one on my birthday one year. That was great too).

What’s to prepare for a birthday, you say? Well, I usually try to make my own birthday cake. And post about it. Thanks to my sister’s oh-so-timely reminder, I scrambled to pull my myriad ideas together. However, when I went into the kitchen last night I was told by the Husband that it was going to be occupied for a while, so maybe I could entertain myself in the meantime? Ohhh…birthday surprise! (Yes, I am also getting slower in my old age.)

Did I mention how lucky I am to have such a great hubby? So, I guess I’m going to have to hold off on a birthday cake post until maybe next week. While I’m making myself conveniently scarce, I’m going to invite you all to help me celebrate by holding another giveaway! I told you I had a lot of stuff to get out of my place:)

Walk into any cooking store or get a cooking catalog and chances are you’ll see Le Creuset proudly displayed like works of art in a museum. I was quite excited to be offered a Le Creuset braiser in their new fennel color for review. By the way, this is my first Le Creuset piece! Woohoo! I guess that counts as a pretty awesome birthday gift!


This cast iron braiser is great for searing off foods quickly at high temperatures and then braising them slowly and evenly. The enamelled interior makes cleanup a breeze; we’ve used it several times already and it cleans up like new. It also works great for poaching, marinating, or browning – the wide bottom lets you fit in lots of pieces without crowding. The website also says it’s works for baking, although I haven’t figured out what to bake in it yet! Something for fall, it feels like…at least I have several months to mull it over!

The Husband broke in the braiser by making some short ribs with polenta and we were extremely happy with the results – like eating the leftovers for several days straight happy.

I’m giving away a 3.5 quart Le Creuset braiser to one Dessert First reader. Just visit the Le Creuset website and comment below on what your favorite piece is. I’ll run the contest through May 8 and announce the winner on May 9.

Sorry there’s no birthday cake recipe! But I’ll have the Pebble Beach Food and Wine full recap up in another day, with recipes from Yigit Pura and Daniel Boulud!


  1. 3

    Minxi says

    Happy birthday! You must really like the spring birthday because you said the same thing in your post last year 😛

    Anyhow, my favorite Le Creuset piece is the classic cast-iron French oven.

  2. 4

    Christine says

    Happy Birthday to You and May your your dreams and wishes be fulfilled = )

    I love Le Creuset and my favourite is their Oval French Oven in 5 q. It’s versatile and you can put a whole chicken in there. The result is really yummy. Can even cook soup = )

    Blessings to you

  3. 5


    WooHoo! Happy birthday!!
    I think that cooking in color cookingware makes the food happier and tastier :))
    I’m the type of french oven but I’m very curious about the Pate Terrine: i can imagine me cooking delishhhhhiuos french terrines in the oven and serving them to my guests saying Bon Appetit! like Julia Child! XD It will be very interesting to reproduce some terrines recipes btw, i love them.

  4. 7

    AnnaLyon says

    My favorite is the red, round, 9qt french oven!

  5. 8

    Hannah says

    Oh wow! A Le Creuset for a giveaway?! That’s amazingly generous. My favourite pieces are the beautiful enamelled skillets. So lovely… Sigh…

  6. 10

    Amy says

    I covet just about everything – french ovens, brasiers, roasters. I desperately need a french or dutch oven, so if it’s a case of NEED, not WANT, I’d go with one of them.

  7. 11

    Rachel says

    Oooh! I have always wanted one of the French Ovens – the cast iron ones. They seem so versatile and I can think of a hundred things I’d love to cook in them. Desserts, steaks, etc. etc.! Of course, the braisers look pretty neat too! 😉

    I live in Denmark, so no sweat if you weren’t considering shipping a huge thing to Europe, but if you are considering international entries…I’m in! :)

  8. 12


    I just love all of the products. I love the colors and how easy they are to clean and I can’t decide.

    Happy Happy Birthday, bon anniversaire and herzlichen Glueckwunsch!
    Enjoy your day with all your loved ones and celebrate like crazy :)

  9. 13


    Happy Birthday!! I hope it’s everything you want it to be, along with dessert!

    Welp, Le Creuset’s accessories are about the only thing I can actually afford, but frankly, I’d love to have their 13 qt French oven. It’d be great for large family cooking, stock making, and using in the brick oven. Yep. That’s my Dream Pot. :-)

  10. 16

    angie says

    I have eyeing the French oven for some time now and still have yet to own any Le Creuset cookware. Winning one would be absolutely awesome.

  11. 18

    JK says

    Have been eyeing their French Oven’s for a while now but a braiser will do quite nicely!

  12. 19


    Happy Birthday!
    I love le creuset, but I don’t have any of it. I think the tiny pots are adorable even though I have no clue what I would use them for. And, call me boring, but the new black onyx? It looks pretty awesome.

  13. 20

    Janis gross says

    I love anything that gets baked in a gratin dish. It’s all good. Love the shape and orange is my favorite color. All food cooked in a gratin dish is comfort food.

  14. 21

    Ladywild says

    My favorites will always be the French Ovens. I have 2. They are my go to cookware! I love all le Creuset. It’s all fantastic.

  15. 22

    Jennie says

    I love the tri ply roasting pan. It would be great for Thanksgiving!!

  16. 23


    My birthday is in May too, mine is actually on Mother’s Day this year! I love anything Le Creset, but the Square Skillet Grill is really nice. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

  17. 24

    Jessica says

    I love their purple color, Cassis, and I’ve always wanted a French oven. Le Creuset is so awesome!

  18. 25


    I’ve wanted to make Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon for a while. A La Crueset French Oven would be perfect for that!

  19. 26


    No question that my favorite Le Cruset has to be the 9.5 qt Oval french baker in RED!! It’s like a big friend that you can barely get your arms around! Wonderful for a brisket or stew for a delightful Sunday lunch with your closest friends, or for a perfect loaf of crispy crust bread.
    Me and Le Cruset — BFF!

  20. 27

    sheri malinowski says

    My absolute favorite Le Creuset piece is by far my skillet. My very unconventional girlfriend gave it to us for a wedding shower gift, 12 years ago. Rather than shop off of our registry, she chose a gift which she knew would provide us with many years of good eatin’! We have been making panini’s in that skillet since before they were all the rage!

  21. 28

    Lauri P. says

    These are the best ! My favorite piece is the Dutch Oven! Pot Roast is not Pot Roast unless it is cooked in this piece! Thank you!

  22. 30

    Rachel Krauss says

    I totally agree, May birthdays are awesome! (My birthday is tomorrow ^_^)

  23. 31

    Amanda Thompson says

    Happy Birthday!! Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway ~ I love Le Creuset! I’ve had my eyes on the Square Grill Pan for awhile now :)

  24. 32


    I can’t believe no one has commented yet! I covet the Le Creuset pieces any time I’m in a kitchen store – my favorite is the classic (red!) dutch oven.

    Happy birthday!!

  25. 35

    Avalee says

    We have a few pieces of Le Creuset and they are *awesome*. I’d love to add a braiser or a skillet to the collection :-) (onedaysomeday of course!)

  26. 36

    Michelle says

    Happy birthday! My birthday is May 9, so I feel your pain! No one ever wanted to party during finals week!

    I have two Le Creuset loaf pans (in Kiwi) that I love!

  27. 37

    Ginny says

    I am in love with Le Creuset’s enameled cast iron line. The reversible grill/griddle would be awesome, as would the oval skillet.

  28. 38

    Lauren says

    Wishing you a very happy birthday!

    I love the classic (and cheery) French oven.

  29. 39


    Happy birthday!

    What I need is some kind of roaster, or a replacement for my saucepan that I burned (and detempered, oops); what I *want* are pie and tart dishes… :)

  30. 40


    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day being spoiled by those you love!!

    I’m kinda hooked on the Le Creuset roasters currently :)

  31. 41


    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely one! But why oh why did you have to pick such a difficult thing as to pick ONE favorite thing? Well, I do adore the stonewear, but I would have to say that my absolute favorite would have to be the iconic French Oven.

  32. 42

    Ma'ayan says

    The Tarte Tatin dish is something I would love to have, if I was going for a one-food accessory.

    Happy Birthday!

  33. 43

    Cheryl says

    happy birthday!
    nothing better than a classic — the French oven!

  34. 44

    sindy says

    the thing i just love from le creuset..

    the mini cocotte- the size is just perfect to make small soups or meat pies or desserts.. its a must have when i’m making my creme brulee

  35. 46

    Tiff says

    Oh my, it was my birthday yesterday too! 😀 Happy Birthday and thanks for being such a wonderful baker! I would have to say my favorite is the french oven. Hope you have lots of fun and excitement today! :)

  36. 47

    kristen says

    happy birthday!
    i like the french ovens, in blue

  37. 48

    Thanh says

    I don’t own a piece from Le Creuset but have always been enamored of them. I think I’d like to try the french oven and would love the cobalt color as it reminds me of the ocean. =)

  38. 49

    Mala Kavuluri says

    Happy Birthday !! :)

    I don’t have any Le Creuset pieces and would love to win one.

    I love the braiser and the oval french ovens.

    Thanks for the giveaway !


  39. 50

    Heather says

    Happy Birthday. The round french ovens are my favorite.

  40. 51

    Melissa says

    I do love those French ovens.

    Happy Birthday!

  41. 52

    Charlynne says

    I love the 7.5 quart French oven.

    Happy Birthday!

  42. 53

    bettyc says

    I have never seen a piece of Le Creuset that didn’t make me drool! The blue braiser would look great on my table, in my oven and on my shelf!! What a beauty.
    I wish you a very happy birthday and can’t wait to read about your birthday dessert next week.

  43. 54

    Adam Goldstein says

    I love the 13 1/2 qt stock pot. So amazing for making large stews, soups or a whole weeks worth of braised something. It is in constant use in my house.

  44. 55

    Chantile says

    Happy Birthday to you!

    The petite tart dish’s are adorable! How inspiring. Could be a fantastic addition to my kitchen collection.

  45. 56

    eL says

    Wishing you a very happy birthday!

    My favorite Le Creuset piece would be the french oven – it’s a great piece to have when cooking for a large family :)

    I stumbled upon your website not too long ago and I’ve already tried out one of your amazing recipes which was really easy to follow. The desserts were absolutely delicious and the whole family loved it. Thank you so much for sharing your love of food & desserts!

  46. 57

    Amy P. says

    Happy Birthday! I love the Caribbean cocottes. They used to have a purple version but it is now discontinued. :(

  47. 58


    Happy birthday!!!! :)
    Wow, great giveaway! The piece you are giving away is pretty darn awesome, but if I had to pick a different one I think I’d pick the 3.5 quart French Oven in kiwi.

  48. 59

    Dawn says

    I love the Pate Terrine. Something about its size, its shape, I saw it in person and I just love it! I don’t have any Le Creuset yet, but I’ve got my fingers crossed! :-)

  49. 60

    Chaitra says

    Happy birthday.. hope you have a wonderful day and a year ahead.
    I love the french Ovens.. Would love to have 3.5 qt one…

  50. 61


    I’ve wanted a Le Creuset French Oven for a while now. Saving all my pennies so that one day soon it will be mine. I love that fennel color, looks just like an emerald. Happy Birthday!!

  51. 62

    Maria says

    Happy birthday!

    I absolutely adore all of Le Creuset’s French ovens, and I dream of owning one someday :)

  52. 63

    Cari says

    Happy Birthday! The 9 qt. cobalt blue enameled cast iron french oven is the one I’ve been sighing over for several years now…..I keep telling myself if only I had one I could make the best sourdough crusty bread in it!

  53. 64

    Art says

    That braiser is the piece I’ve been wanting – so I’d guess that to be my favorite!


  54. 65

    Lyd says

    A Very Happy birthday to you!!

    My favorite Le Creuset item ….. the pale blue Small Teapot with Infuser and the braiser!

  55. 66

    Nancy Streicher says

    Happy Birthday! And another vote for the classic dutch oven.

  56. 67

    Marie says

    The ORANGE 5 quart French Oven. My folks use to have one when I was little. I thought that was the COOLEST looking pot EVER!! “When I grow up…”

    Happy Birthday Anita!!
    I enjoy your website very much!!

  57. 68

    Deborah says

    I like the cast iron grill pans. They look great!

  58. 69

    Tila says

    Happy Birthday. My fav by far would have to be the Teakettles!

  59. 70

    belladatura says

    Happy birthday to a fellow Taurus! I love Le Creuset’s roasters in Caribbean. Fabulous color and an all around useful dish.

  60. 71

    Sarahanne says

    Feliz Cumpleanos!

    I love the 9 1/2 quart Oval French oven, especially in blue!

  61. 72

    Kelly says

    Can I say I want the 6-piece classic cookware set?! I’ve always loved their color choices; LOVE the green!

  62. 73

    Maria Ruiz says

    I was fortunate enough to visit L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Paris, France last year and it truly was an amazing culinary experience. My favorite Le Creuset piece would have to be the Round French Oven 2qt in red, as I have since that dining experience, associated it with the best mashed potatoes I have tried ever. The restaurant serves the exquisite potatoes in a similar dish.

  63. 74

    Amy says

    My favorite piece is the Square Skillet Grill, 10 ¼” in Caribbean.

    Happy Birthday! And thank you!

  64. 75

    Ashleigh says

    Favorite piece hands down is the 9 1/2 qt. French Oven. I use it for almost everything!! Got it as a Christmas gift from the hubby this year.

  65. 77

    Cynthia says

    Ohh, I’d love a roaster! Love the ocean colorway as well…

  66. 78

    erica says

    The tatin dish would be great. I always get so nervous flipping over tatins– the upside down handles is genius!!

  67. 80

    Libbi says

    Happy Birthday!

    i love the oval and rectangular dishes. i have a dutch oven and it is so loved in our new house :)

  68. 81

    carol says

    Happy birthday! :] your site is amazing! Of course I’d have to go with the crepe pan *drool*

  69. 82

    Alice Zou says

    Happy birthday!!
    I think the 11′ shallow fry pan would be perfect!

  70. 83

    Jenn says

    First happy birthday! It is such a beautiful day too. Second I would say my pick is the Rectangular Roaster, 5¼ qt. So we can make big dinners for the family.

  71. 84

    Caitlin says

    I love the really teeny tiny french oven in the dark blue. So cute!

  72. 85

    Natalie says

    Happy birthday!! I found your blog a while ago, and just want to say that its been an amazing source of inspiration. Thank you!
    For the le creuset,
    The tatin dish, because I am a pastry cook, or the cast iron skillet. Perfect for so many things.

    Hope you have a lovely day!

  73. 86

    Louise says

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope it’s a lovely one =)

    I love Le Creuset’s French Oven because of how versatile it is <3 Also, the cherry color is so beautiful and matches the rest of my red kitchen gear xD

  74. 88

    Eric says

    Oval French Oven, 6 ¾ qt. – I bake a *lot* of no-knead bread in mine.

  75. 90

    Maggie says

    Call it a wild coincidence but I’ve had my eye on their fennel dishes – my favorite color is green and I love this shade. This braiser is also the perfect size – I have a deeper, smaller one but want something with a little more surface area…like this one perhaps? :)

  76. 91


    Happy Birthday! I actually really love the braiser that you got, they have the prettiest colors and the most wonderful cookware. Sigh.

  77. 92

    Dee says

    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday! I really like the skillet grill. Can just imagine grilling vegetables.

  78. 93

    Annie says

    Happy Birthday! Maybe you hubby is secretly making a cake for ya!

    My favorite has to be the Ogive teakettle. So unique in its size and shape!

  79. 94

    June g. says

    I do believe a French oven in fennel would be perfect for my birthday on may 24th :)

  80. 95


    Happy Birthday! Ooh, what a great giveaway. I’ve always loved the cute vegetable-shaped pots that Le Creuset has, so I vote for the pumpkin-shaped casserole.

  81. 96

    Dorothea says

    Happy Birthday and congrats on your first Le Creuset piece! (I’m so envious – it’s my favorite too!)

  82. 97

    Valerie Evans-Stanley says

    Happy Birthday! My first visit to your site – I am so very impressed. Beautiful photos – such an inspiration. Fav LeCru: any round Dutch Oven – 9 qt, 7 1/2 qt…..

  83. 98

    daisy says

    Happy Birthday, Anita! I covet the 5 qt. oval French oven.

  84. 99

    Nive says

    Thanks for this giveaway….I like the ‘Round French Oven, 7 ¼ qt’…

  85. 100

    Candice says

    I think the crepe pan would be fun to have and I love the little 2 qt. heart casserole French oven <3 BTW my birthday is in May too – 5/7! Yay for May babies!

  86. 101

    Angela says

    Happy Birthday !!
    Oh they all are wonderful. I do own two large dutch ovens and have my eye on the mini cocoites ! I would love a skillet/braiser…..

  87. 102


    I think the 6 qt, oval French Oven, thought the braiser could also come in quite handy. I would think it would make a lovely tart tatin!

  88. 103

    Elise says

    I have a small french oven. I would love a bigger one but I’ve been eyeing the braiser.
    So many colors and so many choices.

    Happy birthday.!

  89. 104

    Ingrid says

    I love the Round French Oven, 9 qt in orange – I can just imagine myself in a wore down kitchen making a delicious dinner for my friends in that gorgeous thing (of course I would live in an abandoned, charming little cottage just outside of Paris), and then we would eat it in my backyard where there are daisies, and there would be a small forest nearby. We’d jump over my white wood fence and find woodland strawberries for dessert.

    wow…. I really got carried away, didn’t I? 😛 lol… My point is: my favorite would be the Round French Oven, 9 qt because it just looks like something someone from a wonderful movie would own :) -Oh, and happy birthday!

  90. 105

    Carol says

    Happy Birthday!

    I have always wanted the 9 qt oval French Oven however after seeing your braiser it’s a toss up. I still lean towards a French Oven for chili or etouffee. I also don’t have much that will go from stovetop to oven which is sometimes limiting.

  91. 107

    Nicole says

    I l0ve the french ovens — they are amazingly versatile. I have a 3 1/2 qt round — but, when I bought it I was torn between that and the braiser.

  92. 108

    Allison C says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have been wanting a set of 8oz Le Creuset Classic Mini Cocottes for a while now. They are so cute!

  93. 109

    suzie says

    happy happy birthday :)
    wow, the le cruset range is so classic – i would love to one day own the 9 quart round french oven (especially in dijon or carribean!!)

  94. 110

    Elsie says

    Happy birthday! The roasters look really awesome, but I would also love love a braiser.

  95. 112

    Lisa S says

    Anything in Caribbean Blue but if I have to pick it would be the 6 qt French oven.

  96. 113

    Arlene says

    Happy Birthday!

    My favorite piece is the Deep Fry Pan 12″

  97. 114

    Debbie says

    Have a wonderful birthday! My favorite piece of LC cookware? Any of them!

  98. 115

    Susan says

    The stainless steel skillets! As soon as my current batch of non-stick wear out, I’m replacing them with stainless steel so they’ll last longer (and I won’t scratch them).

  99. 117

    sydney85 says

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day.

    I absolutely love the french ovens.

  100. 118

    Kendall says


    Le Creuset makes me happy with all the colors. I’ve always wanted a French Oven (I totally almost said “Onion”) …maybe 5 qt…in the pretty sky blue sort of color. <333

  101. 119

    cathy says

    Happy Birthday!
    I love the 5 1/2 qt round french oven in Kiwi.

  102. 120

    Susana I. says

    Happy Birthday! I like a few, but now I will say the Oval Casserole with Lid, 5 ¾ qt. in Caribbean.

  103. 121


    Happy birthday! and guess what…today is my birthday! May birthdays really are best :) i always remember that it’s close to time when I see peonies blooming :)

    i don’t have any pieces so i don’t know what would be my favorite, but their saucepans look amazing! (as does everything they have really )

  104. 122


    I’m sorry I seem to have unsubscribed, when I really meant to just uncheck the box about seeing all the follow up comments. I knew that there would be zillions of birthday wishes (another one from me) but somehow I thought the follow ups would be telling me I’d won the Le Crusett. Dumb. I’ll hope this till resubscribe me, but not get printed. Hope the day was grand, and you enjoyed those short ribs!

  105. 123


    happy birthday! its so hard to choose a favorite, i love the ovens and the skillets and the tea kettle, i love them all!

  106. 124

    sam says

    Happy Birthday! I like the Oval French Oven, 6 ¾ qt. in green.

  107. 125


    Happy birthday! A blue, 9-qt., round french oven would make me the happiest girl in the world.

  108. 126

    stacy says

    Oval Wide Oven, 5 qt. would be just what the doctor ordered

  109. 127

    Connie says

    Happy birthday!!!

    I’ve been obsessed with crepes (filled with yogurt, fruit, nutella, ice cream, coffee laced cream, yogurt, etc) for the past few months so of course I honed in on the Le Creuset Crepe pan with the dough spreader. Not exactly a popular choice but it sure would a delicious one =D

  110. 128

    KM says

    I just got a Le Creuset 3.5 qt red round oven. I’ve used it once so far, love that it’s easy to clean. The pretty red color matches my teapot kettle and makes my home brighter. I LOVE IT!

  111. 129

    Doris says

    HappyBirthday. I think I’d like the 1 qt sauce pan in blue…looks sturdy enough so other family member can’t break it

  112. 130

    Purnima says

    My favorite would be the oval 6-3/4 qt french oven, I think I’d be able to use it the most.

  113. 131

    Julien says

    You are truly a giver, even around your birthday. Thank you for the fantastic blog.

    As far as the giveaway, I have been trying to justify buying a 9qt. French round for months…

  114. 132

    Gregg says

    I am all about the 13 1/4 qt Round French Oven

  115. 133


    Happy Birthday! what a wonderful way to let us celebrate with you!
    Love Le Creuset and have been eying their dutch oven in grenadine for a while now ! would love to win this awesome looking braiser, preferably in the gorgeous dark blue colour :)

  116. 134

    martina says

    Happy birthday to you! I had mine last week and for me it has been an occasion to make myself a cake, too. Le Creusets are stunning… my love goes to the french ovens (3 or 4 qt.) in blue. But the braisers look appealing, too.
    Many beautiful day to come to you
    cheers Martina

  117. 137

    jane says

    happy birthday! :)

    a classic french oven in carribean/cherry would be awesome!

  118. 138

    Samruddhi says

    Happy Birthday..!!!! Have a Blast… favorite… skillets..

  119. 139

    monique says

    Happy birthday, can’t wait to come back and see your cake. I hope you bake something nice and warming coming into autum and cold weather in your birthday present. I really love the Le Creuset braisers too, that’s my favorite choice for real old time cooking by the oven.

  120. 140

    Ellen says

    The french oven, any size, is one of the most classic pieces of cookware ever created.

  121. 141

    ErinT says

    Happy Birthday! We have open shelves in our kitchen, and several Le Creuset pieces stored/displayed on them. I would LOVE to get the juicer: ours is so hideous that I hide it in a drawer! 😛

  122. 143

    domestic diva says

    I’d love a French (dutch) oven in red. I’ve been drooling over one for years.

  123. 145

    Mellisa W. says

    All. If that is not an acceptable answer then, I love the mini crocks! Thanks and Happy Day!

  124. 146

    Cindy says

    I love my #24 (4.5 qt ??) French oven.

    Many happy returns. I hope you have a good birthday on the day.

  125. 148


    Happy Birthday!!! Oh, it is soooo difficult to select one favorite piece, but I have had my eye on the wok shaped dishes – I make a lot of stir fry dishes, and those would be oh so cute to serve them up in!

  126. 151

    koobear says

    I like the large french ovens. Perfect for soup, stews, roasts…all good things!

  127. 152

    Danielle says

    Happy Birthday!
    I absolutely love Oval Au Gratin. It just seems so versatile. Occasionally, TJMaxx carries Le Creuset seconds…

  128. 154

    Gen says

    While a fan of the good old fashioned skillet, I think it would be great to have a braiser! As a frittata fanatic, I image you could saute the vegg and cook the egg all in the same pan!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  129. 156

    hanzabean says

    Hoopy bloopsday!

    My sister talks about Le Creuset a lot (as an object of desire), and boy do they look nice! I love the 3-1/2 quart french oven with lid (enameled cast iron, in turqoise – I’m drooling!).

  130. 157


    I thought the crepe pans looked nice! Makes me want to make more crepes!

  131. 158

    Sharon says

    I have been wanting this exact braiser in the color cassis, and I would also love to own the 5-1/2 quart dutch oven.

    Happy Birthday! ….and thank you!

  132. 160

    Andrea says

    I’ve always loved the bright colors of Le Creuset, but I covet the dutch oven in caribbean most.

    Meanwhile happy belated, and thanks for the giveaway!

  133. 161

    Jennifer says

    My favorite (what I wanted for my birthday) is the 5 1/2 quart round french oven. I think it’s the perfect way to roast a chicken! Happy Birthday, Anita!

  134. 162

    Paola says

    Happy birthday!!!

    I love the round French oven, 13 1/4 qt!!


  135. 163

    Katie says

    Hi Anita, I just found your blog last week and have already made a long list of your recipes to try! I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog. Got to say I love these cast iron pieces! The French oven will someday live in my kitchen! Hope you have a very happy birthday!

  136. 164

    Julie says

    Omigod, i love your blog! I am a baker myself… TRYING to make a career out of it! :-)
    My favorite pieces are probably the tart dish or the petite tart dish. Tarts and tartlets are kind of my specialty.
    Have a great birthday! Mine is in May as well and I ALWAYS make my own special Birthday dessert too :-)

  137. 165

    Sandra says

    My favourite is the dutch oven in caribbean, but I sure would like to try Le Creuset’s version of a wok.

  138. 167

    rose says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love the 2-quart heart casserole. So cute!!

  139. 168


    Happy birthday!
    I don’t own any Le Creuset, but I do have an enamel cast-iron French oven, and it is one of my most prized possessions!

  140. 169

    farzana says

    Happy Birthday. Great giveaway.

    Tri-Ply Roasting Pan is the object of my desire.

  141. 170

    Collette says

    Happy Birthday!

    I don’t know why but the oval ovens really appeal to me. The 5 quart oval oven specifically. They’re just so dang cute.

  142. 171

    Stephanie says

    Happy Birthday! I love the 5 1/2 quart oval dutch oven… would love to have one to make soups!

  143. 173

    Skippy says

    I don’t have any Le Creuset pieces, so they all look good to me. I’d love to have a cast iron frying pan, but if you’re asking me what my favorite thing on their site is? Well, I’ve been without a spatula and it wasn’t fun. So I will vote for the simple spatula…

    • 174

      Skippy says

      And oh, I’m so rude–happy belated birthday! I hope you had a beautiful day.

  144. 175

    Millo says

    Happy birthday, Anita! Great report from Pebble Beach. My MIL has a Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Red that matches her kitchen, and she makes me special vegetarian curry is that super delicious.

  145. 176


    Happy birthday! Your blog always has such pretty pictures and cool recipes! After surfing the Le Creuset site, I never knew there were so many different types of spatulas, so thanks for increasing my knowledge on that part! ^^

  146. 177

    Delicia Wistrand says

    Happy Bday! Truthfully, I am enamored with any and all of their enamled cast iron pieces. Incredibly functional and efficent, and absolutely beautiful.

  147. 178

    Janyce says

    Let’s see if I can win again! 😛 I love my skillet – it’s fabulous for grilling any style of meat! I also love this new fennel color! :)

    Hope you have/had a wonderful birthday!

  148. 180


    Happy Birthday!

    Le Creuset is my favorite!!! I really love the new Black Onyx collection, especially on the stock pots!

  149. 181


    Happy early birthday! We have a Dutch oven, which we love. It’s so versatile that my favorite piece would be another red Dutch oven!

  150. 183

    Lori says

    I have one of the square skillets that I use for so many different things. it’s a great versatile piece.
    just found your website and think it’s great!

    Happy birthday!

  151. 184

    Big Matt says

    I use the Creuset French Oven at least 3 times a week. Definitely my favorite piece in the kitchen.

    Happy Birthday!

  152. 185

    Christine U says

    Yay, Anita! Fellow Taurus! I like the versatility of the french oven, but I secretly covet the more frivolous models, like the cute mini cocottes…and yes, the petite strawberry and blueberry stoneware.

  153. 187

    Shante D. says

    The first thing I want to say is Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great time celebrating.

    Second I have to say I am in LOVE with the Mini Cocottes. I want about a dozen of them because you never know how many people will be over to eat. I can imagine serving mini monkey breads or eggs baked in ham for brunch. Yummy mac and cheese for dinner and creme brulee for dessert. They truly are adorable and their uses are endless. For a girl without a endless budget I could justify their purchase… ok not 12 but maybe 4.

  154. 188

    John says

    My favorite is my 5 qt french oven. (even though porcelain interior is starting to show a few scratches from 20+ years of use).

  155. 189

    Peggy says

    Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a terrific one!

    I love the 9 1/2 qt. oval french oven for its versatility.

  156. 190

    Anna says

    I love to bake/cook, but my favorite piece would have to be the teakettle. I drink tea like its going out of style.

  157. 191


    Nothing makes me happier than the Le Crueset outlet store… sigh! My favorite has to be the french onion soup bowls… but really, i love any of their individual cookware. Lets be honest, I love anything they make.

  158. 192

    Emily S. says

    Happy Birthday! The piece I have been coveting for quite some time is the 5 1/2 quart round french oven.

  159. 193

    Scott says

    Happy Birthday. My eyes are bigger than my stomach + household and I’m drawn to the 13qt dutch/french oven in classic red. Something smaller might be more appropriate for everyday use.

  160. 195

    Clancyrc says

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

    I love all the Le Creuset cookware. Everytime my boyfriend and I go to Southern Seasons, I spend at least an hour drooling over everything tey carry!

  161. 196


    My favorite piece is the saucepan. I have used this for over 20 years for the most simple things, mostly melting my chocolate for my chocolate fudge cake. It just melts perfectly in there! Also, my Mom used a similar one when I was growing up so I kind of enjoy carrying on the tradition!!

  162. 197

    Deanna says

    I was just at the Le Creuset outlet on Friday! I have an obsession.

    French Onion Soup Bowls – it isn’t even fair how cute they are!

  163. 198


    Happy birthday! I love the Heritage Stoneware line, especially the covered casserole dish. Beautiful colours.

  164. 199

    ivona says

    Happy birthday, I hope you have a great time:) any birthday dessert rec? My favorite piece is…Braisers! (lime green)
    Thank, have a great day:):):):):):)

  165. 200


    Happy Birthday Anita!! I have a 5-1/2 and a 7-1/4 Caribbean round French oven and I LOVE them both!!! The next item in my wish list is to get is a braiser!! Can’t wait!! :)