I’m Still Here…Really!

February 1st, 2009


Many of you may be wondering just where I’ve gone off to…didn’t I say I had returned from vacation and was promising all sorts of lovely travelogues and pretty pictures and even a recipe or two?

Well, readers, you’ve been marvelously patient and supportive, and now it’s time for me to come clean: I’m currently neck-deep (perhaps a tad higher) in the end stages of my second book, and it has taken over my life.

Oh, by the way, have I told you what the second book is about?

Well, a few months after Field Guide to Cookies came out, I received a call from my editor, who wanted to know if I might be interested in doing a companion book, on the topic of…candy.

I was very excited and flattered, to say the least, and perhaps slightly apprehensive about how much candymaking would take over my life in the next few months.

Suffice to say that at this point I am pretty thinking about candy ALL THE TIME. When I am not tweaking recipes in the kitchen, getting everything covered in caramel and chocolate, I am writing on the computer or thinking of more candies. I have visited just about every candy store in San Francisco. My boyfriend does not blink now when I say for the 3rd time in a week, “We need to go get more sugar.” I think I’ve even dreamed about candy (which, actually, for a dessert lover like me, should be like the gold ring of dreams.)

It’s been a fun and amazing and intense experience, and now as I’m approaching the photoshoot for the book, the intensity is pushing past 11 on the meter. In a few weeks, there will hopefully be lovely shots of candies to entice and beguile the candy-curious. Until then, I’ll be in the kitchen, whipping up sweets Willy-Wonka style.

I miss blogging, I really do. I miss being able to jump in the kitchen when an idea strikes, experimenting with possible new desserts. I miss taking photographs, playing around to find the right angles and colors and light. Most of all, I miss the community out there – I’m still visiting the blogs, although lack of time to comment has turned me more into a lurker. But trust, I’m still seeing what’s going on out there in the wonderful wide blogosphere, and I’m loving it still even as my participation has dwindled.

As soon as the candy photoshoot is over in a couple of weeks, I’m eager to get back in the blogging saddle, so to speak, and resume a more regular pattern of blogging. Thanks to all of you in the meantime for your continued support – I have a long backlog of things I’d love to put up on Dessert First, and I hope you’ll be around when I do!

And just so this post isn’t totally dessert-free, Sunset Magazine interviewed me for my recommendations on best desserts around the Bay Area. The February issue is out on newsstands now, or you can go the site for the article. Enjoy!


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