Thinking about Pastry School?


June has been quite the whirlwind  – I feel like someone's put my life into a KitchenAid and turned it on high. Obligations and distractions abound, all conspiring to keep me out of the kitchen. I made some frozen yogurt popsicles last week and I still haven't managed to get a post written about them.

What I have managed to do, though, and what makes me very very happy, is finally completing a post I've been meaning to do for literally a year. This post has been germinating ever since I got my first e-mail asking about pastry school, and has been living as scribbles on sheets, half-organized thoughts, and occasional exclamations of, "I've got to get this post done so I can refer readers to it!" for months and months.

Some of the most oft-fielded questions I get revolve around my experiences in pastry school. How did I decide to go? How did I choose a school? Did I enjoy it? What was it like? Was it worth it? What advice do I have for people looking to go to pastry school?

I had a great time in pastry school, and I love talking about it to anyone who's interested. But after answering these questions over e-mail several dozen times, I thought, there's got a be an easier way.

So now I have created a page titled Want to Go to Pastry School? There's a permanent link to it on the top right corner of my page, and I hope it will answer many questions I get from pastry chefs in the making, as well as providing a bit more background on myself, for those interested parties.

Please feel free to leave questions and comments on the page – I suspect it will be a work in progress but for the moment I'm just glad to have something up. I'm happy to expound more on any and all topics, it's just that the initial page is long enough already! I'm very, very flattered by all of you who have written me asking for advice, and I hope I can continue to help you in the future! Enjoy – and I hope to regale you with the story of my yogurt pops soon!


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    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I’ve been chewing over the idea of a ‘real live’ culinary school for months, and your new page is really helpful!

  2. 2


    Thanks so much! Its going through my mind a lot a the moment and its good to get lots of information!

  3. 3


    Those mini tarts make me want to sigh up today! You have an amazing sensibility about food and photographs, love your blog!

  4. 8

    Lisa says

    Great idea! I really enjoy your site & look forward to your email updates! Is there a recipe for those delicious looking tarts on the site?

  5. 9

    Maria says

    I wish I had time for pastry school! I can’t wait to read about your frozen yogurt pops! We just got the Cuisinart with the built in freezer for our wedding and I can’t wait to use it all summer long!

  6. 10


    Fruit tarts, chocolate malt memories… everything sounds and looks so great – and I think it tastes wonderful! I will try your recipes soon!

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