Death By Chocolate – Vote and Win!

January 30th, 2008

I’m excited to tell you about this contest I’ve entered, not just because I think it’s a fun competition, but because all of you can also have a chance to win just by helping me out!

Culinate is holding a Death By Chocolate contest, where everyone is invited to vote on their favorite blog post about chocolate. Right now the contest is still open to entries and voting doesn’t start until next Monday, but the exciting part is that there will be two winners: one will be the blogger with the best post, the other will be drawn from everyone who has voted in the contest. So just by voting, you have a chance to win a trip to Napa, California, and attend Copia’s annual Death by Chocolate Festival!


I have submitted one of my favorite posts on chocolate, about a Chocolate and Vietnamese Coffee Tart.
I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, I am going to shamelessly ask you to please vote for me. The top ten vote-getting blog posts will move on the final round, where the winner will be chosen by a blue-ribbon panel of culinary and chocolate experts.

So please, Dessert First readers, consider voting for me and get yourself a chance to win as well in the process!

To participate, go to the Culinate contest page and register on their site. This will automatically get you one chance to win.

Then, go back to the site on Monday, February 4th and vote for your favorite chocolate post. This will get you another chance to win in the drawing.

Thank you all so much! Your support means everything to me!!

I’ll end with a teaser image of my latest recipe in Baking911′s newsletter, coming out in February: Rosewater Meringues with Roasted Strawberries. Yes, I’ve been working a lot with whipped egg whites this month!



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