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What a nice way to finish off the weekend! Just when I was bemoaning the return of Monday and work, I get this happy little surprise to make the end of the weekend a little more bearable.

Jennifer of the lovely Bake or Break was the host of the October edition of DMBLGIT, and she just announced the winners…with my photo of my Fig and Huckleberry Tart taking first place!

I have to admit that when I submitted my photo I was pretty iffy about my chances…the entries just get better and better every month and there were some really beautiful and creative photos in the pool. So it’s an amazing honor to have been recognized out of so many worthy entries. Honestly, many of you out there should be working as professional photographers if you are not doing so already!! I’m very proud to be able to display the DMBLGIT badge for this month!

Be sure to check out the other winning entries on Jennifer’s site. Meanwhile, I just finished photographing a new, very interesting cake I tried over the weekend…the post will be up in a couple of days!

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    dreamsicle says

    congratulations, anita! your photos look stunning as they always do. i’ve started my pastry course for about a month now but my products don’t look half as good as the ones you’ve posted on your flickr album. you’re definitely a talented pastry chef. ^___^

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    Congratulations Anita on your win! I couldn’t have thought of a more deserving winner.
    Here’s to may more drool-worthy photos to come! I know it won’t be that hard for you.

  3. 13


    double wow! you’re following your lucky star this year, Anita….congrats on another fantastic achievement of yours. couldn’t wait to read your cake post.

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    Thanks so much, I appreciate your support!

    Thanks! Indeed, we DBs are taking over the world!

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you! Sometimes they just “work” – I wish it happened more consistently:)

    Thank you! You’re so sweet!

    Thank you! I’m always trying to take better pictures!

    Thank you! I still have lots to learn, and I’m sure your stuff looks great! I had no idea how to photograph stuff when I first started!

    Thank you so much! Always love your support!

    Thank you! Well, I’ve got a bunch of great food blogs, including yours, to inspire me!

    Thank you! Yes, sometimes I’m amazed at how much sugar I work with!

    Thank you! It was a great surprise and honor!

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you! These are all big surprises, I think hearing congratulations from all of you is really the best thing!

    Thank you, I appreciate all your kind words!

    Thank you, I’m looking forward to taking more pics, hopefully good ones!

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