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I stopped by the grand opening of Miette Confiserie on Saturday – a fuller report will come after a return visit, but suffice to say it’s a charming and unique addition to the eclectic Hayes Valley neighborhood, and a must-visit for any lover of candy and old-fashioned stores of yesteryears.

The store is a study in nostalgia, from the floral wallpaper to the vintage lights to the wooden cabinetry. The biggest eye-catcher, though, is the rainbow of sweets in glass apothecary jars lining the walls from floor to ceiling – everything from licorice to saltwater taffy to boiled sweets to caramels. The selection ranges from ardently old-fashioned (huge rainbow lollipops) to across-the-pond exotica (Cadbury’s Aero and French Camembert chocolates) to high-end modern (Charles Chocolates and Theo chocolate bars).

You are almost guaranteed to leave with something – besides the fact that many of the candies cost just pennies, you’ll find some sweet from your childhood memory lane, or some never-been-seen before candy bar that is begging to be tried. I’ll be coming back soon, just to delight in this sugary fantasyland and the fact that I’m grown up now and can spend my hard-earned pennies on candy as I wish.

Miette Confiserie

449 Octavia Boulevard

San Francisco, CA 94102


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    It looks adorable, Anita! I’ll have to add it to my places to see next time I go to San Francisco!

  2. 6


    Anita – I didn’t know they were opening another shop, I must add the address to my list for next visit, it looks so pretty!

  3. 8


    Question: Is this the same company as the Miette Patisserie in SF? Because I adore them. ? This is very exciting.

  4. 9


    It is a very “kawaii” store!:)

    I think you would love this place – and yes, I hope you return to SF someday:)

    It’s definitely a great addition to the sweet spots in San Francisco!

    It’s got a great Alice in Wonderland look and feel – very cute:)

    Yes, they got some great props and materials for the store – I’d love to have some of them for myself;)

    It’s an adorable store – I’m sure you’d love wandering around in it – and you’d recognize some English favorites!

    They did a fabulous job setting it up, didn’t they? I need to go back soon!

    Yes, it’s run by the same women who opened Miette Patisserie in the Ferry Building. I hear that some of their baked goods will start showing up at the confiserie soon.

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