A Double DMBLGIT Surprise


I received a pleasant surprise in the middle of last week when I discovered the winners for September’s Does My Blog Look Good in This had been announced by Katherine of ToastPoint– and I was sharing the top spot with the lovely Bea of La Tartine Gourmande! Of course, Bea is one of the standard-setters for gorgeous (not to mention prolific) food photography in the blogosphere, so I have to say I’m quite humbled to be mentioned alongside her!


And, just to round out the weekend, I came home to find that Emma of Laughing Gastronome had put up the winners for the October round of DMBLGIT – and I had been chosen for Most Originality in a Photo! That setup was a stroke of luck – I had just purchased the polka-dotted placemat the weekend before, and when I made the meringues, they fit perfectly with the dotty scheme! Another secret – the sorbets started melting as I was shooting and when I removed the meringues, there were red and orange drips all over the placemat! Thank goodness it washed out!

Be sure to check out the other winners on Katherine’s and Emma’s sites! Many thanks again to them for hosting these rounds of DMBLGIT and for organizing the judging- I’m immensely flattered to have been chosen out of so many beautiful and drool-inducing entries!

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    I was a double winner too. Both times for edibility….I was really shocked.
    Congrats to you, both photos are excellent and very well deserved of their praise!

  2. 4


    Do you take these pictures yourself or do you know of a photographer? These are some amazing pictures. If you do takes these yourself, how do you get your close up shots so clear? I’m thinking my settings aren’t right for my close ups, I get a bit of a blur when I try it. Love your blog! I’m looking to get into Culinary School for baking because of you. :-)

  3. 6


    congratulations and congratulations(!) =)
    totally deserved – love your pictures, they are simply amazing! can’t wait for your next DMBLGIT entry…

  4. 10


    Belated congrats on your double win! Your photos are always so luscious and make me drool!

    Thank you! You’ve always had the kindest words for me!

    Thank you! I’m very flattered and pleased you enjoy my blog!

    I take my photos myself and am basically learning as I go. Do you have a macro (flower) button on your camera? It will let you take close-up details shots of your subject. Good luck with culinary school!

    Thank you! I am still learning, so this is all very flattering!

    I love seeing all the entries on every DMBLGIT! Thanks for your kind words!

    Congratulations to you too!:)

    Surely you are leaving out yourself:) Thank you again:)

    Thank you! I’m so pleased you like them!

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