Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe

While driving through Walnut Creek’s posh downtown (where you can see a Pottery Barn next to a Williams-Sonoma next to Restoration Hardware, with a Tiffany’s across the street) this weekend, I stumbled upon a Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe, another addition to the growing number of chocolate-focused stores in the Bay Area.

Moonstruck Chocolates is a chocolatier based in Portland, Oregon, and have expanded their business online and to their "Chocolate Cafes".  The cafe I entered resembled a Starbucks in design and presentation, from the sleek polished wood floors covered with rugs and lounge chairs to the fancy drink-making apparatus behind the counter, to the side wall covered with various gift items to peruse. But Starbucks doesn’t have the sparkling display cases filled with truffles and chocolates, or a drink menu with selections that range from mocha lattes to milkshakes to hot chocolate.

Moonstruck does have an impressive range of chocolates – even if the flavors aren’t cutting edge the chocolates look very sharp and well made.  I had the Ocumarion, a little nugget of dark chocolate from the Ocumare Valley in Venezuela with chili pepper inside.  The shell was a little thick but the filling rich and smooth, with the chili kicking in well at the end.  Actually quite a spicy chocolate.

I also had the Mayan, a drink made with chocolate, cinnamon, and almond syrup. Although potentially tooth-achingly sweet, the chocolate was dark and rich enough that the cinnamon and almond worked as pleasant top notes – an altogether satisfying and hot drink to hold onto as strolled outside on a very nippy Saturday.

We also couldn’t resist picking up a little chocolate lab – he’s still sitting on the kitchen table, too cute to be eaten!


Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe

1273 Locust Street

Walnut Creek, CA 94596


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    Dexter says

    I work at this cafe, and I’m so glad you have written about us! Yes, our drink bases quite more chocolatey than sugary..good to see that you’ve tasted it! It’ll be a pleasure to have you as our guest again!
    – Dexter, Shift Leader

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